Baccalaureate Framework

Framework for the Baccalaureate Degree

Students who earn a baccalaureate degree at Purdue Fort Wayne will be able to apply their knowledge to the needs of an increasingly diverse, complex, and dynamic world. To that end, the University continually develops and enhances curricula and educational experiences that provide all students with a holistic and integrative education.

The Framework

The faculty has identified six foundations of baccalaureate education.

Acquisition of Knowledge
Students will demonstrate breadth of knowledge across disciplines and depth of knowledge in their chosen discipline. In order to do so, students must demonstrate the requisite information-seeking skills and technological competencies.
Application of Knowledge
Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply that knowledge, and, in so doing, demonstrate the skills necessary for life-long learning.
Personal and Professional Values
Students will demonstrate the highest levels of personal integrity and professional ethics.
A Sense of Community
Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be productive and responsible citizens and leaders in local, regional, national, and international communities. In so doing, students will demonstrate a commitment to free and open inquiry and mutual respect across multiple cultures and perspectives.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Students will demonstrate facility and adaptability in their approach to problem solving. In so doing, students will demonstrate critical-thinking abilities and familiarity with quantitative and qualitative reasoning.
Students will demonstrate the written, oral, and multimedia skills necessary to communicate effectively in diverse settings.

These foundations provide the framework for all baccalaureate degree programs. The foundations are interdependent, with each one contributing to the integrative and holistic education offered at the University.