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Native Trees River Walk

Walk along the St. Joseph River as it flows past the campus of Purdue University Fort Wayne and learn about native trees of Indiana. The trailhead is located at the southwestern end of Parking Lot 6, which is the lot closest to the intersection of Coliseum Boulevard and North Anthony Boulevard. The River Walk is currently a 1.25 mile trail (one way) which features more than 100 tree species native to Indiana. The trail provides an opportunity to see live specimens of our native plants, wildlife, and other interesting organisms in an urban, easily accessible, natural setting. Follow the link to the Tree Walk Maps. The tree lists contain links to pages for each of the featured tree species.

The individual page for each tree includes:

  • Common and scientific names
  • Map of the natural range of each tree in Indiana
  • An interesting tidbit of knowledge regarding that tree species
  • An inventory number from the Tree Inventory
  • Photos of that species, courtesy of various photographers