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Military Tuition Assistance


Your service matters.


Thank you for your service to our country. Since you’ve earned it, you should take advantage of Military Tuition Assistance. We’ve put together this resource page for you to learn all about it.

Military One Source

Get the benefits you earned.

If you are active duty or reserve military, Military One Source is available to help answer your questions. Please see how to use the military tuition program regarding your Military Tuition Assistance benefits.

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Take a look to see how PFW can help. 

Applying for Tuition Assistance (TA) must be completed no later than seven days before the class start date. This is a strict deadline with no exceptions. We can not guarantee assistance payment as promised by the US military. If your TA is rejected, the balance on your account will remain a student debt.

We currently accept Army, Air Force, and Navy TA. Please speak with your educational representative within your branch for more specific information.

TA Payments

  • TA will cover only the tuition, any other costs or overage is the student’s responsibility. 
  • TA will cover 100 percent of tuition for up to 16 credit hours, not to exceed $250 per credit hour (for a total of up to $4,000 per fiscal year). 
  • No other fees will be covered.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make payment arrangements with the Office of the Bursar for the additional amount owed. 

Submit a Tuition Assistance Request (TAR) by completing the following steps:

  1. Register for courses (new admits may need to complete additional orientation requirements through New Student Programs).
  2. Log in to the appropriate website to begin the process (Army, Air Force, or Navy).
  3. Create TAR.
  4. Verify your education center and institution.
  5. Select the correct term/dates and input the courses you are registered for.
  6. Select course location.
  7. Send your completed TAR to the university at [email protected].

Please note the following information regarding your Military Tuition Assistance:

  • TA cannot be awarded if your application is submitted after the deadlines.
  • TA can be requested as early as 45 days before the class start date.
  • It is your responsibility to manage and maintain knowledge of any changes to your respective program or deadlines.
  • TA covers tuition only. TA will not pay for fees institutions levy unless authorized by DoD Instruction 1322.25.

For more information, contact Sharma Wolfe, FTA program manager, at [email protected] or 317-964-7147.  You can also connect with your education representative within your branch for more information and instruction.

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