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Three Rivers Language Center


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About Us

Our Mission

The Three Rivers Language Center serves nondominant language communities in their efforts to pursue linguistic rights and the use of their languages. Our team does this through research, education, training, policy work, and advising governments, nongovernmental agencies, and civil society organizations.


Projects, Funding, and Publications

From a collaborative research community-based perspective, we work primarily with refugee and immigrant communities, indigenous communities of the Americas, and nondominant linguistic communities in Southeast Asia. Our work focuses on nondominant language communities and linguistic issues related to language documentation, pedagogy, linguistic and human rights, and much more.

Community Engagement

Proud to Be Engaged

The TRLC takes pride in community engagement. We support and advocate for various language communities at the local and national level. See what we’ve been up to.

Partners and Programs

TRLC: Where the Local Is Global

The TRLC is home to Purdue University Fort Wayne’s Appleseed Writing Project and the Professors and Pathways program. Learn more about who we partner with, including units across the campus, community organizations here in northeast Indiana, and our various partners across the United States and the world.

Support Us

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.