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Aja Ford In Granada Spain

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Why is international experience valuable for Spanish?

What classes can I take abroad?

When should I go?

Where can I go?  Featured programs by type and goals

How can I afford it?

How do I get started?

What better way to experience and learn by living and studying in another region of the world? Experience what it is like to be a minority, gain more cultural perspectives, and make a connection with a variety of people from all around the world. Take the chance to develop yourself and your career prospects.

79% of people in the United States agree that students should have a study abroad experience sometime during college, but only 1% of students from the United States currently study abroad each year. Do you want to be the top 1%? Study Abroad!

Why is international experience valuable for Spanish learners

  • Go beyond the classroom with culture, food, and history
  • Live with a host family
  • Fulfill requirements quickly by taking 3-5 courses at once
  • Immersion in a host country is incomprable for speaking skills
  • Develop career skills and contacts
  • Learn more about diversity


The Government Supports Students Studying Abroad

 "Studying abroad isn't just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It's also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy."  - Michelle Obama, January 19, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on the campus of Howard University on January 19, 2011 about the 100,00 Strong China Study Abroad Initiative. The initiative is a national effort designed to increase dramatically the number and diversify the composition of American students studying in China. The Chinese government has already committed 10,000 “Bridge Scholarships” for American students to study in China. The initiative also seeks to develop specific opportunities and funding sources for underrepresented students to study in China. Learn more.

“Traveling abroad is the last steps you can take to becoming truly proficient in any language and I felt it was time to take that step.” - Allen Arias,Spanish Major who studied in Costa Rica

What classes can I take?

 Students will find a wide variety of courses offered throughout the world.  With careful planning, students are able to transfer courses back to IPFW to fulfill degree requirements.  Elective classes are often easier to transfer back, but students are still able to fulfill degree requirements abroad.  Some students also choose to take the opportunity to complete an internship to enhance their resume and boost their professional skills and contacts.

  • Fulfill requirements such as completing 4 semesters, minor courses, or courses for a major.  
  • Yes! Lower level courses such as SPAN S203-317, upper-level electives such as literature, culture, or area studies
  • No! ILCS I300, S488, Education block courses

What type of programs are there?

  • Intensive Spanish Langauge & Culture
  • 1-2 courses in Spanish + English courses 
  • Content area courses (Linguistics, art, Business in Spanish)
  • Intern or volunteer for credit in Spanish

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When should I go?

That depends on you! If you're hoping to fulfil a language requirement or lower level minor requirements - sophomore, junior year or any summer may be best. If you're trying to fulfill major requirements, take the most Spanish at IPFW first such as literature, grammar, and writing courses. Many programs require 4-6 semesters of Spanish to apply

Where can I go?

Below are featured programs but there are many other programs also available in: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru, Spain, and Uraguay. Or take 1-2 Spanish classes + courses in English at many other destinations around the world, just like here!  To learn more about ISEP-Spanish programs, visit their facebook page

To determine what location/program may be best for you, visit our explanation of programs page or review this chart

    Before picking a program, first ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to take classes in English, Spanish, or both?
  2. What credits do I need to transfer back?
  3. What type of atmosphere do I want? Who do I want to live with or take classes with? 
  4. What can I afford?
  5. Do I want to go for a summer, a semester, or a year? 
  6. Do I meet the language and GPA requirement?

Featured Summer Programs by type:

  • Exchange Program  ISEP Intensive Spanish Language Summer Programs: (semesters required)

Featured Semester or Academic Year Programs by type

  • IU - Lima Peru semester or AY program Semester or Academic Year Program at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP), a prestigious private university.  100 internatioanl students + 13,000 Peruvian students The available coursework is particularly suited for, but not necessarily limited to, the following academic interests: Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Gender Studies, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, and Arts Administration.  Must have taken at least 2 300 level Spanish Courses. 
  • 3rd Party Program: Barcelona - IES Liberal Arts & Business Program: 400 students from U.S. colleges and universities, Take courses in language, humaniies, social science or business in ENglish for IES students only plus one course at a local univeristy.  Optional unpaid 3 CR internship possible   
  • Exchange Program (more continued below) -   ISEP Direct Intensive Spanish Language Semester Programs:

Don't meet the minimum semester requirement?
Sign up for the Navarra, Spain Bridge program
Earn 6 credits in 3 weeks in August or January then transfer to any other university in ISEP-Spain network with higher language requirements of 5-6 semesters
Pre-semester: approximately $2,500 tuition & housing

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Volunteer and Explore  

 ISEP UNA Costa Rica

Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Semester or AY IPFW Exchange or Direct - $9,500 tuition, housing, meals & insurance
Academics: Spanish Language and Costa Rican Culture, General Studies course , Arts course, Major or Minor courses, & Optional course : Tutoring Program in Spanish language skills

Student Life: Language Exchange Club, Cultural Workshops, Community Engagement Activity, Individual Volunteer Opportunities, & Excursions

- Summer- Spanish Language, Costa Rican Culture & Community Service, $3,750 Semester: tuition, housing, meals & insurance
Complete language requirements with SPAN S203 & 2014

Languge & Culture Lover?

Consider picking up another language during a semester or summer abroad such as Portuguese or Italian. Ready for something really different? There are big scholarships for studying less popular languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Turkish and others. Visit or

 University of Puerto Rico - RPI

Puerto RicoStrong Programs in Spanish Literature, Languages, History, Translation, Education (TESOL), Art, Psychology, Communications and more
Other languages: French, Italian

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Strong Programs strong in Law, Philology, Geography, History, Archeology, philosophy, and fine arts. Other suitable fields are Education, Economics, Literature and Political Science. Co-op programs in connection with the Institute of Educational Science are also open to ISEP students
Other languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, & Latin learn more

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Ready to use Spanish in the Medical field?  

ISEP Exchange: Pre-Med Program (Spanish)
Fall semester only (August to December)

Pre-Med students, Health Sciences students, and students with a sufficient background in science may enroll in UPAEP´s Pre-Med Program. This 3 credit program offers students a unique look inside Mexican health care, hospitals and public health issues. The Pre-Med program consists of three principal components:

  • Shadowing a local physician: Each week a student will shadow a local physician for 3-8 hour per week, and have the opportunity to observe doctor-patient interactions, procedures, and in some cases, observe surgeries in the operating room. Students are typically assigned to doctors in local public hospitals.
  • Lectures: Students will attend 4 to 10 lectures from physicians regarding the health system in Mexico. Topics of lectures will vary by semester.
  • Meetings with supervising physician: Students will meet with a local supervising physician between 6 and 8 times per term to discuss questions and observations.
  • In addition to the Pre-Med program, students will enroll in sufficient courses (in English, Spanish, or Spanish as a Second Language) to reach full time status. Please note: there is an additional fee to participate in the Pre-Med program, to be paid directly to UPAEP. For further information on this program, please contact the Program Officer for Mexico.

Don't see what you're looking for? 

IPFW Students are also more than welcome to apply for IU, Purdue, or third-party providers to study abroad.  Use the search engine to limit your search to university approved programs and start exploring. There's something for everyone!

How can I afford it?

Federal Aid Applies to all approved programs, State Aid & IPFW Aid applies to IPFW Programs like ISEP Exchange
Plus there are many other scholarships just for study abroad. Find more information about scholarships and more at our website or with your program provider.  In some countries, it may even cost less to study abroad than it would to stay here!

How do I get Started?

Ready to start your search? Plan early and you will be able to study abroad during the semester, year, or summer of your choice and still graduate on time.

  1. Evaluate your needs and goals 
  2. Talk to your academic advisor about term and courses to take at IPFW and courses to leave for abroad
  3. Visit the OIE to learn more or attend the SA101 sessions

Office of International Education
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Walk-in advising Tuesdays 4-6 or Fridays 1-3 Other times available by appointment 
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