Office of International Education

Getting Started

Studying Abroad - What do I do next?

You have taken the first step by viewing the Office of International Education’s website for information about going overseas. Please follow the steps below if you would like to study abroad.  For a more complete list, check our Study Abroad Calendar & Checklist or find even more information in the Center for Online Education Step-by-Step Guide to Studying Abroad

Where do I start? (Between 1 year to 5 months before departure)

  1. Attend an information session or check out the powerpoint to Study Abroad 101
  2. Research types of programs and complete the Study Abroad Pre-planning worksheet and submit by email or in person at  WUG042.  Ask yourself, what type of program is right for me?
  3. Read the Study Abroad Policies and Procedures Manuel
  4. Visit  WU G042. Please be ready to articulate your academic, personal, and career goals.
  5. Discuss your study abroad plans with your Academic Advisor to discuss which classes you should take and what term to go.  See questions to ask on How to Transfer Credit Page
  6. Complete and submit the Purdue Fort Wayne General Study Abroad application
  7. Apply for a passport 
  8. Meet with Financial Aid (Kettler 103) to discuss financial aid options and complete the Consortium Agreement. See our Scholarships Page for other financial aid ideas and resources.

I found a program, now what? (About 1 semester before departure)

  1. Complete the specific program application.  You will likely apply online and need to visit the program website like this ISEP page. The Office of International Education does not guarantee acceptance into any program or institution, but we're happy to help you have a more competitive application.
  2. Complete Study Abroad Course Approval Form   This form must be signed by your Academic Advisor and each department for transfer credit before you leave.  
  3. Attend all required pre-departure meetings
  4. Prepare to leave - Arrange for visa, flight, etc. Students are responsible for deadlines and actions but the OIE and your program provider are here to help. 
  6. Complete review and check on credit transfer upon return