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Working Session 1: Using Assessment Findings for Programmatic Improvement

In this session we will discuss how to use assessment findings to make programmatic improvements.  We will also discuss strategies for tracking and reporting results using the IPFW Assessment Tracking Form (  Finally we will discuss communication strategies to describe to students and external audiences the knowledge and skills future IPFW graduates have developed that will contribute to both student success and the success of organizations and institutions they will serve.

                  Click here to register - February 7 or 21

Reviewing Departmental Assessment Reports – College Level Assessment Committees Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to help prepare the College Assessment Committees in reviewing Academic Department Assessment Reports using Appendix D of SD 15-6.

                  Click here to register - October 5,10, or 11

Creating Signature Assignments for Programmatic Assessment

This is a “hands-on” workshop designed to support IPFW Faculty in creating signature assignments for core courses that examine the extent to which students are achieving expected levels of learning relative to stated programmatic Student Learning Outcomes.   The series is applicable for both assessing student learning in the major and assessing student learning in general education.  It is a three session series. At the end of the series, a faculty member or academic department will leave with a peer reviewed signature assignment for their course, program, or general education. Each session is 45 minutes and the sessions are described below:

  • Part 1: Overview of Signature Assignments and Aligning Assignment to Programmatic Student Learning Outcome.

                  Click here then select a date to register - October 4 or 7

  • Part 2: Designing Signature Assignments

                  Click here then select a date to register - October 18 or 21

  • Part 3: Peer Review of Assignments using the NILOA Charrette Process

                  Click here then select a date to register - October 25 or 28

Assessment Tune-up

This is a facilitated review workshop in which groups of faculty have an opportunity to discuss how their current assessment plan might be improved to increase its capacity to improve student learning. Members of the Assessment Academy Team will facilitate the groups.  At the end of the session, participants will leave with a peer reviewed assessment plan for their academic program.

                  Click here to register - September 6 or 9

Using Assessment Results

This is a guided discussion focused on using assessment findings to plan programmatic and/or course level curricular changes to improve student learning.  The session will guide groups of faculty in designing a curricular intervention or innovation, develop a strategy to assess the intervention/innovation, and discuss how we might share our knowledge across campus to develop a faculty learning community focused on improving student learning.

                  Click here to register - September 20 or 21

Assessment Overview

The focus of this workshop is to present an overview of process, reporting structure, and support for programmatic assessment under Senate Document 15-6: Restatement of 98-22 Assessment of Student Academic Achievement.

                  Click here to register - September 27


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