The Assessment Office at IPFW promotes high-quality summative and formative assessment of student learning. This aim is achieved within an integrated model of teaching, learning, and assessment that builds on PLAIR Model (Fulcher, 2014) to:

  • assess student learning through an evidence based model that helps faculty evaluate how and/or the extent to which the planned academic experience of students in an academic program contribute to student development relative to stated programmatic student learning outcomes,
  • use the evaluation of assessment findings to explore and implement potential interventions to the planned academic experiences of students to improve student performance relative to the student learning outcomes, and
  • “re-assess” student learning to evaluate the extent to which changes in the academic program are contributing to student success defined through improvements of student learning as defined by the programmatic student learning outcomes.

The Assessment Office provides support in assessing co-curricular and extra-curricular learning to provide evidence of how and to what extent the academic success of students is impacted support offered by academic support programs.


Senate Document 15-06


Proposed Restatement of 98-22 Assessment of Student Academic Achievement

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