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STEM Flights

STEM Flights

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STEM Flights is a national nonprofit organization that connects Middle and High School students with local Pilot Mentors to receive a free flight experience. We inspire America’s youth to pursue STEM and aviation careers with a unique experience that connects our STEM curriculum with a no-cost flight for students in our program with the hope of empowering students to pursue a career path in the world of aviation or STEM.  

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Sweet Aviation to deliver flight experiences in the Ft Wayne area. This means there are licensed pilots ready and waiting to give students a free flight experience.

Students can apply anytime, year-round! Applications can be filled out using this link and following the instructions: 

Student Application Page

*Please note, students will need to submit a letter of recommendation along with their application

Additional sources of information can be found below along with our website. Please reach out to our Director of Education; Maria Hoxmeier, with any additional questions you may have! 

[email protected]


We look forward to flying with your students very soon!

STEM Flights YouTube Channel

Student Application Page