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Complete an Internship or Service-Learning Program Abroad 

For an international internships, volunteering, or reasearch opportunities you have two options. 

1.       Go through our office and apply for an abroad program that has an internship component for which you receive academic credit and can  use financial aid and apply for other scholarships.  RECOMMENDED by OIE

2.       Go through another company on your own, but you will not receive credit or financial aid and IPFW will not be involved. Try using these resources for other types of programs.  Try using a for more information.

Why and How to Intern Abroad?

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Other Resources

Check out this webinar from IPFW Career Services and Office of International Education about why and how to do an internship abroad. Play recording


No matter what option you choose, all IPFW students must talk to the IPFW study abroad advisor about options and ask for the next steps.

Steps to finding an internship abroad

  1. Work with your academic advisor to see how and when an internship could fit into your degree plan.
    1. Ask: Can I get credit for an internship or volunteer program?  Which course?  How many hours do I need to work per week? Any other requirements or suggestions? 
  2. Complete the general  IPFW Study Abroad Application and work with the study abroad advisor in the Office of International Education, Walb 145 to see what program might work for you and future steps.
  3. Research program options, talk to program providers, then apply for 1-2 programs.
    1. Applying for an internship may take extra steps such as submitting a resume and each program probably requires an application fee. 
  4. Use this handy guide to find more information about why & how : 

Why Pay to Intern Abroad?  

It may seem weird to pay to intern or research abroad – but with specialized design programs, you get a lot included such as credit, scholarships or financial aid, advising, pre-departure assistance, housing, internship placement, on-site support, orientation, additional tours or excursions, and networking or publishing opportunities upon return.  Basically, these programs are setting up connections and resources that it would be hard to replicate on your own.

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Program Directory:

ISEP Exchange/Direct  programs with internships

Additional approved program providers

Other opportunities, non-IPFW programs

All ISEP internships, on campus employment, and volunteer opportunities

NAFSA Benefits of Interning Abroad for Students

Once you've made the decision to intern abroad, check out this planning guide for students. It provides advice on how to select a program and what to expect.

Highlighted Programs  Youtube Video Highlight - Milan, Brussels, and Ghana

- Intern in the capital of Europe at Vesalius College, Brussels Belgium Vesalius College offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit and professional experience through a unique graded internship program in Brussels. With over 50 internship sponsors in the public and private sectors and with partners such as the United Nations, NATO, UPS, the European Journalism Center and many more, students acquire the professional skills and make the important contacts that can propel them into the career of their dreams.

Provide service to the community at the University of Botswana

  • Independent Study, Volunteer and internship opportunities are available in Botswana. OIEP staff and some of your instructors will help set these up for you.
  • There are several NGOs in Botswana that you may be able to work with.
    • In the field of Gender and Development, you may be able to work with an NGO focusing on safety and legal rights for women;
    • Environmental Issues: work on conservation or forestry projects.
    • Creative arts
    • Health (such as HIV/AIDS support),
    • Human rights,
    • Economic development (such as micro-finance projects), and children/youth NGOs.

Intern in New Zealand in the summer with Massey University

  • National Expedition in Agriculture and Environment,The program starts with a two-week expedition of the North and South Islands led by Massey staff. Experience New Zealand’s dynamic geographic and cultural terrain, visiting some of the country’s most popular destinations including glaciers, volcanoes, and geothermal zones.  Four week internships within government agencies, agribusinesses, non-profit environmental organizations, wildlife sanctuaries, and wineries are all possible. Massey will match your skills and experiences with the range of opportunities available in the Hawke’s Bay region. 
  • Communication and Marketing Interns will be placed at a range of organizations across Wellington, a capital city renowned for its arts and culture. The placements will have a community service or social justice focus to contrast with the tourism-oriented businesses analyzed during the National Expedition. 
  • Disaster Risk and Emergency Management The internship hosts serve as the backbone of the New Zealand government’s response to dealing with large-scale emergencies. These include organizations and ministries such as the New Zealand Fire Service, Defense Force, Police, Ministry of Civil Defense & Emergency Management, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, and the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office. 
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 Additional Approved Program Providers 

  • 3rd party Companies with internship options
  • API Internships
    • included: Tailored internship placement, advising, phone plan, alumni network, social media, orientation, Career Navigation Briefcase, housing, resident directors, cultural events, health & safety
    • 8 week fixed-date  or flex start date internship placement or study + intern in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, & Spain
  • CAPA Study Abroad 
  • CIS Intern Abroad
    • Placements based on needs and student interest.  6-15 week options or 8 & 12 week options in summer or semester 
    • Full time or Study/Intern options in: Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand, Rome, Florence, Dublin, London, Thailand, South Africa, Hawaii, Barcelona, Madrid
  • CEA Study Abroad Internships : 
    • Included: Housing, internship placement, travel logistics, city outings, internships that foster integration into company culture, increasing professional exposure
    • Short-term, semester, summer, AY: France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, England, and Costa Rica
  • IES Internships
    • includes: internship placement, housing, meals, faculty, orientation, health& safety
    • full-time summer internship programs for academic credit in thirteen locations and full-time semester internships in four locations or combine courses & internships in 25 locations
  • ISA internships and service learning
    • ISA Internships guide you to the international internship that’s right for you. We work with you to customize an internship that matches your goals and qualifications to take you to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit for an experience you’ll never forget.  Full time or study/intern combo options in Australia, Chile, China, England, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, and Spain
    • ISA Service-Learning offers a diverse range of programs that are designed to empower you to serve a community abroad and develop key skills that you'll use for the rest of your life.  Locations: Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa 
  • IFSA Butler Internships
    • IFSA-Butler's internship options allow you to gain practical work experience, strengthen your resume and get an insider's look at your host country: Australia, Chile, China, England, India, Israel, New Zealand, N Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Spain
  • SFS – research and field work in environmental studies
    • semester and summer programs where you'll learn about critical local environmental problems while being trained in the field research techniques that will help you address these problems. Field exercises in our unique "classrooms" around the world complement core lectures and will ultimately help you develop the skills needed to conduct your own Directed Research projects.
    • Rainforest in New Zealand & Australia, Himalayan Studies in Bhutan, Conservation, Ethics & Environmental Change in Cambodia, Sustaianable Developmental Studies in Costa Rica, Tropical Biodiversity in Panama or Peru, Wildlife Management in Tanzania, or Marine Resource in Turks and Caicos Islands
  • SIT Study Abroad – research, labs, or critical theme focus around the world 
    • Intern in Climate/Environment, Deveopment, Global Health, Media Arts & Social Chance, Migration & Identity, Peace & Human rights, 
  • TEAN- The Education Abroad Network: China, Thailand, Australia, or New Zealand
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Other Opportunities

 Disclaimer: Providing information about international opportunities does not constitute an endorsement by IPFW or the Office of International Education. The Office of International Education is not an agent for these programs, does not guarantee their quality. The listings are provided for your information only

  • Service-Learning or Volunteer
  • Teach English abroad
  • Work Exchange - work for room and board abroad
  • Au pair: Students may obtain positions caring for children and doing housework in exchange for room and board. Search the web, classified ads of international newspapers, or university announcement boards.
  • Kibbutz: A voluntary democratic community in Israel where people live and work on a communal basis in an economy oriented to agricultural or factory production.
  • Outdoor work: There are agricultural jobs overseas and summer camp work, but the hours are long and the pay is low. Also see the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms website:
  • The U.S. Department of State's Student Programs: Offers a variety of programs for students, from summer clerical positions to internships to management fellowships, overseas or in Washington D.C
  • American-Scandinavian Foundation: Offers paid internships in Scandinavia in engineering, teaching English as a foreign language, business, and agricultural fields.
  • Internships: A comprehensive search engine for internships abroad.
  • A comprehensive search for internships. Also provides travel information and advice.
  • Peace Corps
  • English Teaching Assistants in Spain
  • English Teaching Assistants in France
  • English Teaching Assistants in Japan
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistants
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions
  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX): The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals is a full-year work-study scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange. CBYX annually provides 75 young Americans with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in Germany. The program begins in July and includes two months of intensive German language training in Germany (no prior German language knowledge required), four months of classroom instruction at a German university or college of applied sciences, and a five-month internship in a participant's career field
  • DAAD: This website helps students, researchers and faculty in the USA and Canada to study or research in Germany. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. Their 14 international offices provide information as well as financial support to over 55,000 highly-qualified students and faculty per year for international research and study.
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