SCAN Garden Policies

Effective August 30, 2010


In order to reserve the SCAN Garden, Renter should contact the SCAN offices directly at 260-421-5002. After SCAN approves Renter dates/times, Renter will be instructed by SCAN to submit the online request form to Purdue Fort Wayne. After submitting the online form, Renter will receive an Event Confirmation and will be contacted by a Purdue Fort Wayne Event Coordinator. The Purdue Fort Wayne Event Coordinator will work with you to secure all details and plan the event.

Note: The rental time begins when the first service person arrives and ends when the last person leaves. Be sure to leave adequate time for your service personnel to clean up at the end of the event. Events may not extend past midnight. Please be considerate of others who have rented the venue by adhering to your scheduled access times.

SCAN Parking 

Guest parking is available in Parking Lots 13 or 16 (map available on request). Handicap accessible parking is located directly beside the SCAN Garden. All Guests/Participants must obey traffic laws at all times while utilizing the SCAN Garden; including, but not limited to, maintaining emergency vehicle access to SCAN Garden and Fire Hydrants.

Tent Policy

Purdue Fort Wayne maintains a strict tent policy. All tents must be secured by water barrels. In the event that only a staked tent will accommodate your needs, Renter will be required to sign a damage waiver prior to tent installation confirming they understand they (Renter) are responsible for all damages/repairs. Additionally, a $250 fee will be assessed to Renter to have utilities marked. All load-in/load-out times for tent placement must be confirmed with your Purdue Fort Wayne Event Coordinator prior to the event. No portable fixture can be staked or set-up in the grass that may disrupt or damage electrical/water/or gas lines. 

Alcohol/Caterer/and Trash Removal


Food service is allowed at the SCAN Garden. However, no food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the Purdue Fort Wayne event facility other than by the contracted caterer. The renter is fully responsible for all arrangements and any contract entered into with any caterer of the event. Except when alcoholic beverage service is included as part of the event, Purdue Fort Wayne’s open catering policy allows food service from any caterer licensed by the State of Indiana. No homemade items may be sold or served at this facility. There is no catering kitchen on site so all caterers must be self-contained. Your catering contract must include all table linens for meals and servings stations as well as adequate clean up immediately following the event. Caterers may only utilize propane stoves or grills generating smoke outdoors. Caterers must collect and remove all trash generated from the event on the night of the event. Any decorative displays must be removed at the end of the event. The SCAN Garden does have a water fountain for public use. Renter and/or caterer shall leave the facility and grounds in the condition in which they were found. Failure to comply could result in assessment of cleaning fees. 

Security and Alcohol Liaison

If alcoholic beverage service is planned as a part of your event, only Purdue Fort Wayne approved vendors may be used. Certain criteria must be met to comply with the campus alcoholic beverage service policy. When alcoholic beverage service is planned as part of a rental event, fees for security and additional staffing will be added to the rental charges. A list of current approved caterers is available from the Special Events office. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed bartender with a copy of their alcohol license on file. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may leave the designated reception area for any reason. If serving or selling alcohol, renter/caterer are responsible for and must abide by all city, county and state alcoholic beverage control laws and regulations, and arrange for appropriate license(s), permit(s), and insurance certificate(s), which copies must be provided if requested to Purdue Fort Wayne Events Office at least five (5) business days prior to the event. Renter must also complete the Purdue Fort Wayne Alcoholic Beverage Service form and submit to Purdue Fort Wayne Events Office no less than four (4) weeks prior to event. Renter is responsible for all consequences of guest behavior during and following the consumption of alcohol. Purdue Fort Wayne security and staff retain the right to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages being consumed by you or your guests. “Last Call” for alcohol shall be at least forty five (45) minutes prior to the scheduled end of your event. All alcoholic beverage service ends 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. 

Event Display & Decorations

The following decorations are specifically prohibited from the SCAN Garden—confetti (static and cannons), glitter, stickers, spray paint, liquid paint, burning objects (except for candles with the flame enclosed in a glass container), rice, flower petals, streamers or poppers. Bubbles may be used outside of building only. Balloons are allowed but are not permitted to be released outdoors within the school grounds. Strands of lights and lanterns may be used but must be removed at the end of the event.

  1. All decorations and equipment must be delivered and set up on the same day as the event, and removed at the conclusion of the event unless other arrangements are pre-made with the Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events office. Purdue Fort Wayne reserves the right to bill the sponsoring party for removal of any left items. Please inform your vendors that all pickups and deliveries of goods must be coordinated through the Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events Office to ensure vendor access to building and/or rental space.
  2. No furniture or decorative objects belonging to Purdue Fort Wayne may be moved from their respective positions without the permission of the Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events office. Renter is responsible for making arrangements for renting equipment needed for event. The Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events office has a limited amount of tables and chairs for use.
  3. Nothing may be nailed, tacked, taped, hung, stapled or affixed in any way to the facility, inside or outside. All decorations, other than free standing, must be approved by the Special Events office. In no manner will renter permit any employee, guest or contracted party to deface, damage or otherwise injure Purdue Fort Wayne property or its facility.
  4. Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events staff does not set up or break down equipment or furniture for the event with the exception of Purdue Fort Wayne owned tables and chairs. Due to liability, renter and/or caterer must provide adequate staff for set up, event and breakdown.
  5. Renter is responsible for picking up all decorations at completion of event.
  6. Renter is responsible for providing decorating details for event to Purdue Fort Wayne Special Events office no later than five (5) business days prior to your event.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations of scheduled events in SCAN by Renter must be received in writing to the Special Events Office of Purdue Fort Wayne no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled event date. Events that cancel less than 14 day prior to event date may incur late fees and/or clean-up surcharges. Purdue Fort Wayne retains the right to cancel this contract with written notice at any time for the following reasons: misrepresentation of the event, lack of insurance, bounced deposit or utility finder check, threats of violence or actual violence to any Purdue Fort Wayne employee or subcontractor by renter’s employees or subcontractors, threats of damage or actual damage to Purdue Fort Wayne facilities by renter’s employees or subcontractors, damage or theft of Purdue Fort Wayne property by renter’s employees or subcontractors or failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this rental contract. Cancellation by Purdue Fort Wayne for any of the above mentioned reasons will result in the loss of the entire rental amount

Inclement Weather

In the event of actual or anticipated inclement weather, Renter is responsible for obtaining an alternate event location. Clients may rent additional space in a Purdue Fort Wayne building. You are encourage to talk with your event coordinator about rain sites for your event. 

General Information

Purdue Fort Wayne Special Event staff reserves the right to enter any and all areas to enforce the rules and to limit the number of people in the area.

Termination by School

Purdue Fort Wayne’s obligation to make the facility available will be relieved if anything outside of its control prevents the facility from being available at the date and time scheduled for the event. This includes such occurrences as natural disaster, fire, destruction, war, governmental order, quarantine, or other forces or events outside of Purdue Fort Wayne’s control. If such occurs, Purdue Fort Wayne will refund the renter’s deposit and fee already paid in full, but will have no other liability on account of such cancellation or unavailability of the use of its facility.

Fire Safety

Purdue Fort Wayne enforces fire protection safety codes and is subject to inspection by the City of Fort Wayne Fire Department. No pyrotechnic devices, smoke/fog machines or open flame, other than glass enclosed candles, are allowed in the building. All fire aisles and exits must be kept clear of equipment and people.


Purdue Fort Wayne is committed to providing a safe, clean environment for both our patrons and employees. For the safety and well-being of all facility users, patrons and vendors are expected to conduct their event in a manner which respects the rights of all users. OSHA regulations are observed by our facility and we mandate the same high standards for all of our contractors and service providers Compliance with OSHA regulations is the responsibility of the lessee and their contractor. OSHA mandated personal protective equipment must be utilized at all times. Renter is required to secure all cables, including electric and/or audio/video, in walkways and guest areas.


In keeping with the City of Fort Wayne Law, there is no smoking allowed inside any building within the school. There are designated areas outside the building supplied with receptacles for cigarette butts. Please refrain from dropping cigarette butts on the grounds, shrubs and landscaped surroundings.

Disruptive People

Purdue Fort Wayne reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected from the premises, any person or persons (including unruly and unsupervised children) engaging in disruptive, belligerent or threatening conduct. Purdue Fort Wayne reserves the right to refuse admission to any person displaying the above behaviors or who appear intoxicated. Purdue Fort Wayne shall not be held liable for any damages by the applicant through exercising this right.

Event Conclusion

  1. Renter agrees to remove all items belonging to the renter at the conclusion of the event. Purdue Fort Wayne is not responsible for any items remaining after the event that belong to the renter or the renter’s guests.
  2. Renter and/or caterer agree to leave facility and grounds “broom clean” or in the condition in which they were found when they arrived for set-up.
  3. All decorations, food and drink container products and all trash must be collected in plastic bags and removed.