Special Events

Programs with Minors for Special Events

Programs Involving Minors as it applies to Special Events 

Purdue University encourages programs and activities that enhance learning and stimulate creativity in youth. The success of these programs depends on careful planning that makes safety the highest priority. These procedures reinforce the safety of minors by requiring all programs that include minors as participants to be registered with the University. Registration includes certification by the sponsor of the program that all steps outlined in these procedures have been completed. 

Sponsors of programs are not limited by these procedures from developing more stringent requirements for their program staff. Similarly, units of the University that serve other units and third parties in facilitating programs (e.g., Purdue Extended Campus, Purdue Fort Wayne Division of Continuing Studies, Intercollegiate Athletics) may supplement these procedures with additional requirements.

The Full Purdue Policy and Procedure can be found here:


These procedures reinforce the safety of minors by requiring all programs that include minors as participants to be registered with the University

Program Director

  1. Completes Background check, within 12 months of program/event, on all event staff, volunteers or anyone who is not a Purdue employee or student against Sex and Violent Offender Registries
    1. Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry
    2. Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website
  2. Maintains list of program/event participants and staff including: emergency contact info and plan for contact, permissions, waivers, consent to treat, etc.
  3. Completes Purdue training
    1. Youth Safety
    2. Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
    3. Note: A sponsor may provide its own training to Program Staff/Volunteers as long as it covers, at minimum, the topics noted in the above procedures
  4. Registers the program/event with the University
  5. Prior to program/event date, client must also provide Special Events with written verification that all of their program/event staff/volunteers have completed the training.
    1. Failure to provide verification will result in the cancellation of your event and all monies forfeited.


  • Sponsor – the client
  • Program Director – our contact
  • Event Staff – any adults (paid or volunteer) who will be interacting with minors


  • If a coach from the Athletics dept rents as a private individual to host a camp for kids – this policy would apply
  • If a dance troupe from Miami rents a space for a show marketed to elementary schools/kids – this policy would NOT apply
  • If a private group rents space for their Kids Fest (open to the public) – this policy would apply
  • Weddings, birthday parties, memorials, religious ceremonies, baby showers, etc (where the celebrant is over 18 years old) who rent space – this policy would NOT apply
  • A Dance Studio rents space for their summer showcase featuring all ages of kids performing, but the audience is all ages – this policy would NOT apply
  • A High School reserves the Cross Country track for a high school meet – this policy would apply.