Outdoor Rentals and Related Fees


  • Staging (4’ x 8’ x 3’) (14): $ 8.00 each
  • 6' tables delivered for outdoor events (as needed/as approved for event use): $2.50 each
  • Folding Chairs (as needed/as approved for event use): $ 1.75 each
  • Blue Barrels/Recycling Bins (4 required per outdoor site): $ 5.00 each
  • Sandwich Boards (as needed/as approved for event use): $ 5.00 each

Outdoor equipment is extremely limited please make sure to speak to your event coordinator early about your needs. 


  • Site Cleaning: $ 50.00 per site
  • Additional Cleaning as needed (over and above standard cleaning fee): $50/hour
  • Damage Repairs: Will be billed at $50/hour + actual cost of materials.


  • All labor as needed for event requirements outside of normal operating hours or staffing levels will be billed to client.  This includes all non-Fort Wayne Athletic Events including the Plex (for example Spiece, Soccer Showcase, baseball, wheelchair tennis, tournaments, etc.) you will incur a charge to cover custodial and grounds labor if your event occurs outside of normal operating hours. 
  • For all on campus events, if you will need custodial staff to monitor your event you may be charged for labor if the event occurs outside of normal operating hours. 
  • A/V Tech: $ 30/hour (4 hour minimum)
  • Alcohol Liaison: $ 30/hour (2 hour minimum)
  • Security: $35/hour as needed, as required by Purdue Fort Wayne policies. NOTE: All non-Department/Company-In-Residence events must have a minimum of one (1) security officer for every 500 persons in attendance.

Tent Policy:

Purdue Fort Wayne maintains a strict tent policy. All tents must be secured by water barrels. In the event that only a staked tent will accommodate your needs, Renter will be required to sign a damage waiver prior to tent installation confirming they understand they (Renter) are responsible for all damages/repairs. Additionally, a $250 fee will be assessed to Renter to have utilities marked. All load-in/load-out times for tent placement must be confirmed with your Event Coordinator prior to the event. No portable fixture can be staked or set-up in the grass that may disrupt or damage electrical/water/or gas lines.