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Map of Outdoor Spaces

Here is a map of the IPFW will the outdoor spaces highlighted please find the numbered list with descriptions below.  You can click on the image below and it will open a larger image in a new screen or you can find a PDF version of this map by clicking here

Campus Map with outdoor areas highlighted

Names and Descriptions:  

  1. Alumni Park: grassy area bordered by the River, Coliseum Blvd, and the Greenway Path.
  2. Waterfront Park South: grassy area bordered by Parking Lot 10, Venderly Bridge, St Joseph River, W. Campus Drive and Coliseum Blvd.
  3. Kettler South Lawn: grassy area bordered by W. Campus Drive, South Campus Drive and Kettler Circle Drive
  4. Kettler Circle Drive Area: area on the south west area outside of Kettler Hall
  5. Kettler Park: area bound by Kettler Hall on North and West sides and Lots 6 & 9 on East and South sides.
  6. Katter Park: area bordered by W. Campus Drive, E. Coliseum Blvd, S. Campus Dr, E. Campus Drive, Blue Drive, and Crescent Ave. Also known as Frontage Park
  7. Waterfront Park North: grassy area bordered by Parking Lot’s 10 & 11, Venderly Bridge, St Joseph River and Printing Services
  8. Kettler North Lawn: grassy area bordered by W. Campus Drive, Service Road leading to KT dock and Kettler Circle Drive
  9. GeoGarden – rock garden area NE of Kettler
  10. Alumni Center Lawn – grassy area south of Alumni Center
  11. Science Mall – area bordered by Neff, LA, Science Bldg and Parking Lot 8
  12. Helmke Entrance to Patio – patio on West side of Helmke, at main entrance.
  13. Library Green – (home to the 3Rivers Festival Children’s Fest) grassy area bordered by Helmke, Walb Circle Drive, Broyles Blvd and P1
  14. No longer available.  
  15. Lagoon Point Park – grassy area between Pubs Building and the Lagoon
  16. Rainbow Sculpture Park – grassy area between the Liberal Arts building and the lagoon, where the rainbow sculpture is installed
  17. Alumni Plaza – cement area bordered by Walb, the Library, Liberal Arts and the Lagoon
  18. Riverview Park– grassy area West of Amphitheatre and South of Scan Garden, bordered by River.
  19. Visual Arts Amphitheatre – grassy area and cement slab bordered by Visual Arts, RMC and the river
  20. Friends Pavilion/Aquarius Park – between RMC and the Lagoon
  21. Mastodon Way North Lawn – grassy area West of Fieldhouse bordered by Mastodon Way
  22. Walb Union Park– grassy area South of Fieldhouse and North/East of Walb (old amphitheatre area)
  23. SCAN Children’s Garden – structure and grassy area NW of the Visual Arts Bldg
  24. Arts Green– grassy area bordered by Visual Arts, Theatre and RMC buildings
  25. Mastodon Way – central “Spine” sidewalk going from RMC to Library
  26. North Campus Lawn – grassy area bordered by Chiller Plant Road (aka Event Blvd), Broyles Blvd and Parking lots 12 and 16.
  27. St. Joe Lawn – grassy area bordered by Broyles Blvd, St Joe Road, Crescent Ave and the Tennis Courts/Baseball Diamond
  28. NIIC Grounds – grassy area bordered by Stellhorn Road, Sirlin Drive and Dean Drive

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