Hefner Soccer Fields

Venue Overview

Hefner Soccer Fields 1 and 2

The Hefner Soccer complex is located on West Camps across the St. Joe River and is accessible via California Road near the Holiday Inn at Purdue Fort Wayne. A community gem, the complex plays host to numerous state, local, and high school soccer tournaments and is the home of the Fort Wayne Athletic's men's and women's soccer programs.

Venue Information

  • Field 1 can be requested but approval for field use is at the discretion of athletics. 
  • Fields 2-5 are available for rental for soccer games, camps, tournaments, by filling out the online reservation form.  
  • Fields 6-15 can be reserved thru The Plex.

Each rental includes:

  • Field Lines: Fields are typically pre-lined once per week but also by special request with at least 3 business days notice before the event.  
  • Corner Flags:  Are availble for games only and are to be placed by client.  
  • Placement of Goals 
  • Lights: Fields 1 and 2 only.  


  • Season Begins Early April for all 5 fields and runs thru Mid-October. 
  • The opening/closing dates are weather dependent and will vary from year to year.  
  • A Field Liaison will be assigned to each event. The Liaison will arrive when the teams arrive.  Typically one hour before the game.  
  • All concessions and merchandise sales must be pre-approved by Purdue Fort Wayne. Renter will not have access to the Purdue Fort Wayne concession stands. 
  • Only 15 minutes of warm ups allowed in the goal mouth.  
  • Bleachers are as existing and as available.  
  • All rentals are subject to the Programs Involving Minors policy from Purdue beginning 5-1-15.

Booking Restrictions/Guidelines:

  • Field 1 is reserved exclusively for practice and games by the Fort Wayne Athletics soccer teams. The Fort Wayne Athletics Men’s and Women’s Soccer team play 24 home games each season. Due to NCAA restrictions, during those games on Field 1, Fields 2-5 will not be available for booking. 
  • Fields 2-5 will have a max of 70 games per field for April thru July 31
  • All fields are subject to Recovery/Maintenance weeks. Those dates will be displayed on the booking calendar.  There must be at least one calendar week between tournaments on any field.
  • Fields 2-5 can be booked Early April thru end of July with no advance restrictions.
  • Fields 2-5 can be booked for August 1 thru October 31 AFTER July 1.
  • Tentative schedules/requests can be taken prior to this, but will not be confirmed until after July 1st. 

Rental Rates:

  • Fields 1-2:
    • $ 100/hour (less than 8 hours) 
    • $ 750/day (8-12 hours)*
  • Fields 3-5:
    • $ 50/hour (less than 8 hours) 
    • $ 325/day (8-12 hours)*
    • * All rentals exceeding 12 hours in one day will revert to hourly rental rates after the 12th hour.
    • Additional fees for labor and cleaning will apply.   

Soccer Field Questionnaire 

Prior to submitting your event scheduling request please download the Soccer Field Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit it on the last page of the request form.  

If you have any questions please call Grace Yunker at 260-481-0627

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