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The Women’s Center


Women Enrolled

Women enrolled at PFW in 2023–24


Students supporting families

Students who care for families at PFW


Student Support Services

Committed to providing support and guidance to our students at PFW

About Us

The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is committed to providing purposeful programs and services that support and encourage women at PFW. We will advocate for our students with families and lead in celebrating the importance of women as an integral part of Purdue Fort Wayne.


Our programs are designed to support, advocate, and educate our women and students with families.


We offer services and resources created for students who are in need of support on campus and in the Fort Wayne area.

Choi-Frank Award

The Choi-Frank Students as Parents Childcare Support Award offers support for current students who are experiencing financial difficulty in paying for childcare while attending Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Adopt A Don

The Adopt-A-Don project is an assistance program that aids selected students and their families during the holiday season.

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