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Investigations: The Journal of Student Research @ IPFW provides open access to research, scholarship, and creative endeavor by students and faculty scholarship on student research, mentorship, and best practices. We are committed to promoting student research on our campus and also to providing scholarly articles designed to improve student-faculty research best practices and mentorship. Investigations has a dedicated and professional staff of volunteer editors who work with authors and reviewers to ensure manuscripts published by Investigations meet the professional and academic standards of their field(s).

Aims and Scope

Investigations publishes refereed contributions based on research, scholarship, and creative endeavor conducted by IPFW students. Investigations also publishes scholarship about student research, mentorship, and best practices by the faculty who work with our published authors.

Investigations is designed to help students learn the role that the publishing and sharing of knowledge plays in both academia and other professions. We use the review process not to filter manuscripts but rather as an opportunity for academic and intellectual growth. Also because student research often occurs late in an undergraduate career, we strive to provide helpful feedback to authors in a timely manner and then move accepted manuscripts to publication as rapidly as possible.

About IPFW

Established in 1964, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is the largest university in northeast Indiana. As the state’s Multisystem Metropolitan University, we are uniquely positioned to serve the region as a crossroads of intellectual, social, economic, and cultural advancement and continue to expand our global reach through research, scholarship, and creative expression.

IPFW combines challenging academics with a focus on student success across more than 200 Indiana University and Purdue University degree programs, taught by nearly 350 full-time faculty. More than 12,000 students of diverse ages, races, and nationalities in our family pursue their education on our almost 700-acre campus. Nearly half of our students are first-generation college students and 15% are from underrepresented populations. And 75% of IPFW students receive some form of financial assistance to achieve their academic and career goals.

Nearly half of IPFW’s vast alumni network—57,000 and growing—live and work in northeast Indiana, contributing to the region’s economy, vitality, and intellectual strength.