Special Events

How to Purchase Tickets Online

The online ticketing system offers multiple ways to purchase tickets online.  Please use the steps below as a guide and if at any time you need assistance feel free to call the box office at 260-481-6555. 

Ticket Main

  1. First visit www.pfw.edu/tickets and select the event you wish to purchase. 
  2. Once you are in the event, you can select your seats or best available. 
    1. Select your seats
      1. By selecting one of the colored areas on the seating chart it will open a detailed view of the seating chart.  Please note: That once the detailed view of the seating chart opens the top of the screen is closest to the stage.
      2. The colored circles are equal to available seats and the grayed out seats are taken.  You can select any open seat yourself.  Please note: The online system won’t let you leave any single seats around your tickets.
      3. Once you have selected your seats the circles will become checked boxes and a list will appear above the red reserve seats button. Hit the red reserve seats button.Select Seat
    2. Best available seating – let the computer find you seats
      1. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
      2. Select the quantity of tickets you need in the price level you want and hit reserve tickets.Best Available
  3. The next screen asks you to select your shipping method. You can also adjust the individual prices of each seat by selecting the drop down menu and picking the price that applies.  Please note:  If you feel like there is a discounted price you should receive, please call the box office and we will help you at that time.  Online we offer two shipping methods.  Standard Mailing which costs $ 1.00 or Will Call, which means the tickets will be at the box office for you to pick up, for free.  Select your preferred shipping method and hit the green confirm reservation button.Price and Shipping
  4. The next screen asks you to sign in.
    1. If you have purchased tickets before please use the same account to help build your purchase history.
    2. You can create an account by entering your email address and hitting the next button.
      1. You will need to enter the required information that is marked with an asterisk.
      2. The system does ask you the give the account a “nickname” ie home or business.
  5. The next screen after you have logged in is a confirmation of the order screen.  This will tell you how much you will be paying for the tickets. Confirm purchase total and hit the green confirm order button.Confirm Order
  6. The last screen is your payment information screen.  Enter your Discover, MasterCard, or VISA.  Please note: The system will ask you to name the card.Confirm Payment
  7. Make sure to check the I Agree Terms and Conditions box and then hit the green make a payment.
  8. You should receive a confirmation email at the address provided. 

Again if at any time during this process you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact the box office at 260-481-6555.