Special Events

How to Purchase Tickets Online

The online ticketing system offers multiple ways to purchase tickets online.  Please use the steps below as a guide and if at any time you need assistance feel free to call the box office at 260-481-6555. 

First visit www.pfw.edu/tickets and select the event for which you wish to purchase tickets. 

  1. Once you are in the event, click Buy Tickets next to the event that you wish to attend. You can select your seats or let the system choose best available. 
    1. You will be shown the different type of seats available for your selected event. Choose the location and quantity you wish to buy and then use the drop down to select Best Available or the section name.
      1. If you choose a section rather than Best Available, you will be given the option to Select Seats.
      2. Once you click Select Seats, a pop up will appear that will show you a snapshot of that section and what is available.
        1. Please note that available seats show as a yellow square, if you see a seat number listed that ticket is already sold.
      3. After selecting your seats or choosing Best Available click continue.
      4. You will be taken to a summary screen that shows your order.
      5. From there, choose Reserve Tickets to move forward with the purchase listed above.
      6. The next screen will show you the tickets that you will be purchasing along with a summary of the costs.  At this step you will want to be sure to enter your mobile number as well as to select a delivery method for your tickets.
        1. The available delivery methods are as follows:
          1. Text Tickets (your entered number will receive a text that will open up to give you access to your mobile ticket)
          2. Email Tickets (your entered email account will receive an email with a PDF that will allow you to access your mobile ticket)
          3. Will Call (you will come to the box office window and give your name, the box office staff will give you a printed ticket)
          4. Print at home (you will receive an email that your tickets are ready, you can then login to your TicketReturn account and print them at home)
          5. Please note that options 1-3 are the preferred method of delivery for most patrons.
        2. Next choose Proceed to Checkout
        3. The next screen will ask for your email address, if you have purchased before using this email address it will prompt your for your password.  If you have not purchased before it will take you to the account creation page.
        4. Enter all the required account information and click Proceed.
        5. You will then be asked to enter your Credit Card information and to select Pay Now.
        6. The next screen will be a confirmation of your completed purchase.

Again if at any time during this process you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact the box office at 260-481-6555.