Auer Seating Chart

Auer Performance Hall: 

Overview: The Auer Performance Hall is one of two performance spaces in the Rhinehart Music Center.  The Auer Performance Hall or APH for short has 1,490 fixed seats with 12 wheel chair spaces.  There is additional seating in the galleries around the perimeter of the hall for approximately 96 guests. 

Layout: The seating is laid out in 3 large sections which are divided into three smaller sections each, house right, center, and left, by two main aisles. 

Specifics by sections: Closest to the stage is the main floor.  The floor can seat 400 guests including 8 spaces for wheelchairs.  The rows in the floor section are lettered A-N skipping the letter I.  There are two wheelchair spaces in row B both house right and left as well as two spaces in row N house right and left. 

The middle section or mezzanine can seat 604 guests including 4 spaces for wheelchairs.  The rows in the mezzanine are lettered starting with P-DD.  There are two wheelchair spaces in house right row DD and two wheelchair spaces in house left row DD which can be accessed using the elevator in the main lobby. 

The balcony section in the Auer Performance Hall does not over hang the mezzanine section and is only accessible by climbing 20 steps.  The balcony can seat 498 guests.  The rows in the balcony are lettered BA-BN. 

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Auer Performance Hall