Mastodon Baseball Field

IPFW Baseball Field

The Mastodon Baseball Field can be rented from the second Friday in June through July 31.  All reservations are first come-first served. Once we have reached maximum alotted booking, no further reservations will be considered. The baseball and softball fields may not be used concurrently.

Facility may be rented for games or practices only. No camps or showcases will be permitted. 

Community groups may submit a request to reserve the Baseball field a maximum of 12 months prior to the proposed event date. 

Rental Policies:  

  • Renter may not charge admission.
  • Pitchers will throw off a turf mound for all games and practices on the baseball field.
  • Each rental requires a Purdue Fort Wayne staff member to supervise the event as designated by Fort Wayne Athletic, Special Events, or Grounds Department. 
  • Special Events student staff will put out the bases for external client rentals.
    • Fort Wayne Coaches conducting LLC camps or private clinics will put out their bases.
  • Renter will not have access to the Purdue Fort Wayne Concession stand, however, client may sell concessions from a table (they provide) placed outside the concession stand, in accordance with any applicable NCAA rules.
  • Renter will not have access to the PA system.
  • For June/July games:
      • Weekend Games:
        • Only 3 total weekends may be booked during each of these time periods.
        • Weekends may not be booked back to back. Field needs recovery time.
        • No more than 3 games per day
      • Mid-Week Games:
        • Only 2 dates per month
        • No more than 2 games per day

    Rental Rates (subject to change): 

        • Less than 4 hours:  $ 100.00
        • 4-8 hours: $ 200.00

    Additional Costs:

        • Lining the Field: $25 per game
        • Dragging Field: $25 per game
        • Preparing Field: $25 per game
        • (REQUIRED) Supervising Staff Member labor : $25 per hour
        • Scoreboard (to be operated by Purdue Fort Wayne staff member): $25 per game