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Computer Purchasing Tips

ITS and Purchasing work together to assist departments purchase computers that:

  • Serve the needs of the end-user
  • Are compatible with  the Purdue University Fort Wayne network
  • Can be expeditiously repaired or replaced to minimize down time all at a reasonable cost to the department and the        university.

Faculty or staff members often choose to “spec out” the computer and peripherals that they wish to purchase.

The faculty/staff member or the requisitioner must send those specifications to the Helpdesk in ITS.  ITS will confirm the configuration is both adequate and compatible with Purdue Fort Wayne’s requirements.  ITS technician will discuss any requisite changes or concerns with the end-user and forward the final, agreed upon equote or proposal to the requester.

Purdue has negotiated favorable pricing agreements with Dell, Apple and HP resellers.  Faculty and staff looking at options from various websites will NOT necessarily see our contract pricing.  Purdue Fort Wayne Purchasing will verify we are getting all discounts available to you based on these pricing agreements.  Additionally, we will ensure that the final order (i.e. equote, quote, web proposal) is in a format that will make ordering in Ariba easiest for both the department requisitioner and the supplier.

ITS makes full use of IU’s agreement with Microsoft,  however, IU has ONLY the legal right to "upgrade" a pre-existing Windows license.  The Agreement does not give IU the right to grant a license.  Therefore, all computers expected to run a Windows operating system (OS) must be purchased with a Windows OS even if you intend to upgrade to a different Windows operating system at a future time.

Finally, in keeping with Purdue University policy, computer orders should NOT be placed on credit cards.  A purchase order is the best vehicle for ensuring coordination between Purchasing,  ITS, the end-user and providing historic data for both inventory control and warranty issues.

Purchasing is available to help you navigate the process of ordering computers for your department.  Please contact Allison Martin for assistance.