Room Reservations for Special Events

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Internal/Departmental Groups  (Click Here)

  • Defined as: Any Purdue Fort Wayne Department, College, School or other operational/financial department.
    • This includes companies in residence.
    • A department representative must be physically present at the event. 

Music Department Groups (Click Here)

    • Defined as: Faculty, Staff & Students of the Purdue Fort Wayne Department of Music. 
      • If you are trying to schedule the Auer Performance Hall please select the internal form above. 

External Groups/Private Rentals  (Click Here)

  • Defined as: Groups or individuals that have no affiliation or association with a Purdue Fort Wayne Department, College, Office or Recognized Student Group.
    • Note: This category does include faculty, staff or students hosting an event for personal (or non Purdue Fort Wayne) purposes.  

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