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The Department of Radiological and Environmental Management (REM) is a division of Facilities Management at Purdue Fort Wayne. Working with each department's Designated Trained Individual (DTI), REM serves as consultant to the University Community in the areas of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Management, Industrial Hygiene, Radiation Safety, and Occupational Safety.

Working as a resource to faculty, staff, and safety committees through outreach and training, REM is responsible for monitoring compliance with various state, federal, and University regulations involving environmental health and safety (EHS) issues. 

The Integrated Safety Plan (ISP) is REM's strategic plan for safety. It provides a structure for the dissemination of information regarding EHS issues. Working toward a goal of increased awareness and planning for EHS issues, the ISP provides a mechanism for safety self-audits and departmental indemnification from regulatory fines (per Purdue's Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Policy C-36).