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PARCK was created to:

  • Assist program directors in identifying events/programs with minors (PWM) and/or will require a certificate of insurance (COI).
  • Create a master list of community engagement events on campus
  • Protect minors on campus and to document compliance with Purdue Procedures for Programs Involving Minors.
  • Ensure that all campus community members and participants attending campus events are protected with proper insurance coverage as described in Purdue Insurance Requirements.

Parental Supervision Statement: 

Purdue University Fort Wayne is a public institution of higher education that offers a wide variety of classes, to a wide range of students from differing backgrounds, including adults and children in grades pre-K – 12. While Purdue Fort Wayne is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students, parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to supervise minors when they are on campus and not in the classroom. Before and after class, our teachers cannot take the place of a parent and assume responsibility for unsupervised children.

 In case of an emergency please contact the Purdue Fort Wayne University Police at 260-481-6827.