Radiation Safety

Laboratory Safety

EHS performs periodic surveys of areas where radioactive materials are used to ensure that regulatory requirements are met. EHS also calibrates survey instruments, provides personnel dosimetry and bioassays, and responds to laboratory spills of radioactive material. 


EHS maintains records of procurement, use authorization, and disposal of radioactive materials. EHS also assists with procurement, receiving, and disposal of radioactive materials.

Regulatory Compliance

EHS serves as a liaison to governmental agencies for use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices. This ensures that radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices are used in a safe manner, consistent with state and federal regulations.


Provide training programs for individuals who use radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices; individuals who transport radioactive materials; and individuals using laser.

Contact PFW EHS for more information about radiation safety.


Emergency Contacts

  • Emergencies:
    • Dial 911