Radiological and Environmental Management

Indoor Air Quality

Conduct evaluations and make recommendations to help resolve indoor air quality issues.

Indoor air quality, IAQ, covers a broad range of issues. Some of the items that fall into IAQ may be temperature extremes, elevated relative humidity, stuffy air, odors, sleepiness, headaches, and sinus congestion. Any of these issues should persist for two or more weeks and affect 25% of the occupants before being considered to be related to the building. Individual sensitivities will cause each person to react differently.

The presence of transient odors does not necessarily constitute poor indoor air quality. Transient odors may include smells pulled in on the outside air such as vehicle exhaust or roofing repair work and paint or construction odors within a building. This is not to say that some transient odors will not cause short term headaches or mucous membrane irritation. Generally these odors are short-lived and do not present a long-term health hazard.

Indoor air complaints are investigated by REM. Investigations may include temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and mold and bacteria concentrations. Additional parameters may be checked depending on the specific complaint. Repair, equipment modifications, and evaluations are conducted by Maintenance and Operations. Special room cleaning and disinfection may be conducted by Building Services when necessary. If you have questions or would like to report an indoor air problem please contact Stephanie Flinn .

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