Radiological and Environmental Management

Your event is a Private Food Event if: 

  1. IPFW space is being contracted from IPFW. 
  2. When the guest list is limited to specific individuals and the event is closed to the general population. 

For Private Events it is the responsibility of the event planner to ensure that the caterers are licensed in their home county and are expected to adhere to the State's Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Guidelines

Food Safety 101– Carry-ins

  1. Wash your hands before handling food items and after handling raw food items.
  2. Do not participate in the carry-in if your or other family members have been ill with gastroenteritis or diarrhea symptoms within the last two weeks.
  3. Clean food preparation surfaces before and in between using raw items.
  4. Use utensils instead of hands during food preparation.
  5. Keep food ingredients from being contaminated:
    1. Keep pets away from the preparation area.
    2. Don’t let fans blow dust onto the foods.
    3. Keep raw foods away from cooked food and ingredients.
  6. Protect from with a solid lid, foil, or plastic wrap (no towels).
  7. Refrigerate food items and keep cold until ready to serve.  Do not leave cooked food items at room temperature.
  8. Do not bring home canned items

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Emergency Contacts

  • Emergencies:
    • Dial 911