IPFW-HLC Timeline

August 2008
Notify Higher Learning Commission of coordinator (Dr. Carl Drummond), date of visit
December 2008
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs commissions steering committee, criterion subcommittees, and self-study document committee
January 2009
Steering committee convenes to develop self-study outline and plan process
January-February 2009
Steering committee co-chairs meet with criterion committees as requested
Spring 2009
Committees prepare drafts and collect evidence
Summer 2009
Draft self-study written based on committees' results
Fall 2009
Draft self-study reviewed and revised by steering committee
Spring 2010
Draft available for campus review. Draft revised based on campus feedback
June 2010
Steering committee reviews draft self-study
July-August 2010
Final draft prepared
September 2010
Final self-study print and web production
September 2010
Distribution of self-study to HLC, evaluation team, and campus community
October 2010
Consultant visits campus, submits comments
November 15-17, 2010
Evaluation team visits campus
December 2010
Draft of team report complete
December 15, 2010
Corrections of fact response
February 2011
Final team report complete
March 2011
Readers panel or review committee review