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Officer Duties

For a more detailed description of duties, see the APSAC constitution.

  • All Members
    • Attend all monthly meetings.
    • Notify President when attendance at meeting isn't possible.
  • President
    • Preside over all meetings of the Council and Steering Committee.
    • Call special, regular, and Steering Committee meetings.
    • Notify Steering Committee membership of meeting times and places through an agenda.
    • Serve 1 year term as President, 2nd year term as Past President.
  • President-Elect
    • Assume duties of President in his/her absence.
    • Assist the President as necessary.
    • Assume duties of President in second year of office.
    • Serve 1 year term as President-Elect, 2nd year term as President, 3rd year term as Past President.
  • Past President
    • Provide advice, counsel, and support to the steering committee.
    • Serve 1 year term.
  • Secretary
    • Confer with Human Resources to obtain updated listing of administrative/professional staff and corresponding FTE biannually.
    • Record and disseminate to Council membership minutes of Council and Steering Committee meetings.
    • Disseminate to Council membership minutes of West Lafayette APSAC meetings and IPFW subcommittee meetings.
    • Solicit nominations for open positions and prepare an election ballot.
    • Serve 2 year term.
  • Treasurer
    • Manage the various fund sources for the Administrative/Professional Staff Advisory Council.
    • Provide fund balance information to the Steering Committee on a monthly basis.
    • Serve 2 year term.
  • Parliamentarian
    • Assures that Council and Steering Committee meetings are conducted in accordance with provisions of the constitution and with policies and regulations of the university
    • Assures that elections are held properly and on a timely basis.
    • Serve 2 year term.
  • At-Large Members
    • Represent and solicit ideas and concerns of the general administrative council membership.
    • Serve 2 year term.
  • West Lafayette APSAC Representatives
    • Represent APSAC Fort Wayne at West Lafayette APSAC meetings and communicate ideas and concerns between the members of each steering committee.
    • Communicate minutes and reports of each committee's work and serve on appropriate sub-committees of both West Lafayette and Fort Wayne APSAC steering committees.
    • Serve 3 year term.


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Congratulations, Kayla!

Kayla Klimasko is the winner of the 2018 Administrative Excellence Award.