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The Center for Collaborative Media is a home for the development of creative projects and research. Media have become a central part of the modern human experience. We hope to educate students and colleagues about the skills of crafting media content while also bringing them the opportunity to put those skills to use.

This is a center for potential and pragmatism where critical thinking, creative crafting, and practical skills are blended in harmony with one another.


The goal of many of our collaborations is to allow students to connect with the Fort Wayne community while working with seasoned professionals. Through both classes and projects, students are afforded the opportunity to use what they are learning in practical contexts.

Community Partners

Intrinsic to the collaborative mission of the center is engagement between the University of Purdue Fort Wayne and Fort Wayne communities: between students, film professionals, Purdue Fort Wayne faculty and staff, and community partners. We would like to encourage local groups, nonprofits, businesses, and organizations to reach out and explore how the center is helping to benefit Fort Wayne.

Creative Hub

The goal of the Center of Collaborative Media is to create spaces that will serve as hubs for students, faculty, departments, and creative professionals to learn, create, and distribute their work. Local creative professionals should reach out for opportunities to partner with the Center on projects and creative endeavors.

Contact Us

If you have a student opportunity, are an organization that wants to support creative student work, or just want to chat with us - please reach out:


Dr. Art Herbig

Director, Center for Collaborative Media


Alix Watson

Producer, Center for Collaborative Media