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Welcome to the Wireless Technology Center

Through support of Advanced Research and Practical state-of-the-art applications, the WTC is working to bring back high technology jobs to the northeast Indiana community.


Some of the most advanced equipment available for:

**   Measurement and creation of nonlinear models for high power microwave amplifier design, including 3 harmonic tuning to 18 GHz and over 50 watts.

**   Direct measurements up to 100 GHz, expandable to over 1 THz.

**   Vector generation of MIMO OFDM signals up to 6 GHz with 2 x 2 MIMO channel emulation and multiple development platforms for 4 x 4 MIMO (transmit and receive), plus custom waveforms.


**   Design and measurement of advanced Microwave devices and systems, including rapid prototyping of custom fixtures and wideband precision calibration standards.

**    Design and test of devices and systems using standard and exotic materials, such as GaAs, GaN, HgCdTe

**    VITA 48 and VITA 49 systems

**    Design and test for Cryogenic and Ultra High vacuum environments

**    Design and test of hermetic and non-hermetic microwave modules for military and SPACE applications, including development of SPACE qualified processes, such as specialized PIND testing of large modules.

**    Failure analysis and rebuild.

Project Support:

Commercial, Military and SPACE applications:

**   Durations ranging from one day to multiple years, with unparalleled expertise and very competitive cost.

**   From conceptual design through manufacturing prototypes and transfer to manufacturing. In some cases we can do small scale production ourselves.