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The Mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is fully integrated into the mission of IPFW. Through process of regular review, day-to-day oversight, and fiscal management, OAA supports and sustains the comprehensive structure of the university. The Office of Academic Affairs has responsibility for the university’s baccalaureate and graduate degree programs through the organizational structure of the colleges, schools, and academic departments. Through the activities of students and faculty, OAA supports, sustains, and advances the intellectual, social, economic, and cultural programming that contributes to the growth of our students and enriches northeast Indiana.

I am proud to share the accomplishments of our students and faculty through IPFW Connect, our new magazine, and The Don Difference, a video series launched in 2015-2016, and hope you will explore IPFW's contribution to the well-being and vitality of our region.

Carl Drummond
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  and Enrollment Management

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Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs and
Enrollment Management

Carl N. Drummond
Professor of Geology

Carl Drummond assumed the role of Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at IPFW in February 2014. Previously he served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences since July 2009, and he held the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and External Support from 2002 until 2009.

Drummond has been a member of the IPFW faculty since 1994. He earned his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Michigan in 1994.




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