Rhinehart Music Center

Rhinehart Exterior

The Music Center was designed to serve the university and the community. Visually exciting, the building was created with glass-prismed piano studios, a conference room and lobbies that provide exquisite space for learning and interaction, with panoramic views of the Arts Plaza and the heart of the campus. Inside and out, the Music Center sings.

A brick design surrounds the exterior of the building, creating an architectural “score” with a 2nd floor treble staff and a 1st floor bass staff. Windows represent notes and glass prisms add musical accents. Inside, each space has been fine tuned.

Teaching studios, rehearsal spaces, and practice rooms are acoustically isolated and calibrated. Multiple programs can occur at the same time without interfering with each other. Each building element was designed to enhance sound.

For acoustic balance, the Performance Hall and Recital Hall feature wood and canvas reflector panels hanging from the superstructure to accommodate unamplified vocals and instrumentation as well as amplified spoken word. This vision of a spectacular building is a reality and the perfect place to host your next event.

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