Student Life and Leadership

Display Cases

Take advantage of a display case in Walb Student Union on the second floor and stand out from the cluttered flyer posting locations. Display Case Policy

Easels for Posters

Use easels to stand poster advertisements and messages around campus. Submit a request through the Helmke Library website..

Events Calendar

We will automatically post approved club events to the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar unless you tell us not to! 

Also, check out the Communicator's calendar.


Feel free to post events and other club information on the PFW Facebook page.

Flyer Posting

Main Campus
View our full posting policy and posting locations. Also view this document for personal postings (not club related).

Digital Signs

Email a 16:9 widescreen PowerPoint slide to

Sidewalk Posting
Put your group's event info at student's feet as they walk to and from classes and meetings! 

Sidewalk Posting Request Form

Student Housing
Advertise on the Student Housing movie channel. Submit a Power Point slide to Student Housing with the event's essential information (Organization name and contact info, event description, location, time, and date). Use this template (Power Point) and be sure to use the brand standards.

Also bring up to 75 flyers/posters to the clubhouse and RAs will post them throughout the resident halls. Remember, groups can print for free in Student Life and Leadership!

Flyer Advice

  • Always include contact information (email, social media, website, etc.) and provide a way to connect with you even if an interested student cannot attend the advertised event.
  • Make the contact info big enough to read easily rather than tiny print at the bottom.
  • Avoid dark colored paper with black ink; it's hard to read.
  • Email a PDF of your flyer to and they will post a copy to the Purdue Fort Wayne Facebook Page


Mailings can be distributed to all Purdue Fort Wayne faculty and staff without labels. Off-campus mailings or specific on-campus mailings require labels and postage. Contact Student Life and Leadership if your group is considering this option.


The Communicator
Contact Purdue Fort Wayne's student newspaper if your group wants to feature paid advertisement or a news release.

Keep in mind that you will need to sell your story; make sure the producer/publisher knows why your event is newsworthy. View the Marketing Communications press release guidelines.

Contact Marketing Communications for contact with off campus media outlets.

Printing Services

Purdue Fort Wayne Printing Services provides a broad range of printing options if your group is creating banners, posters, coupon books, pamphlets, etc.

Advertising On-Campus



Indoor Banners
All recognized student organization may request to use the Walb Union stairwell to place a banner advertising a special event; view our full policy.
Indoor Banner Request Form


Outdoor Vinyl Banners
Outdoor banners must be made of durable vinyl
Outdoor Banner Reservation Request Form

The director of student life must approve all banners and their indoor/outdoor location.



Learning Communities provide...


Display Cases

Take advantage of a display case in Walb Student Union on the second floor and stand out from the cluttered flyer posting locations. 
Display Case Reservation Request Form    


Easels for Posters

Visit the Audio Visual Technology website to submit a request.


Electronic Message Board


Advertising for Departments


Outdoor Banner Policy and Request Form


Post on the Student Life Facebook page

Flyer Posting

According to the Chancellor's posting policy departments are authorized to post in approved posting locations.

Also view this document for personal postings (not department related).

Sidewalk Posting

Sidewalk Posting Request Form

Yard Signs

Use yard signs to help direct traffic the day of your event