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Freshman Leadership Retreat

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Freshmen Leadership Retreat 2018

Oct. 19-20


With Program Partner: Indiana National Guard

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(the annual Freshmen Leadership Retreat @ Camp Potawotami in South Milford, Indiana)

Location: South Milford, IN. Camp Potawatomi

Leave from:  Purdue Fort Wayne campus at 10:30am (Advancement Building at Student Housing and at Gates parking lot #12). Return to campus about 2pm the next day.

Date: Oct. 19-20, 2018.

Cost: Free!


Freshmen, this leadership camp experience has been created just for you!

It's an all expense paid trip for the first 50 Purdue Fort Wayne/IUFW freshmen who register. Travel, lodging, food, and customized Purdue Fort Wayne hoodie are included!


This experience centers around knowing self, knowing others, connecting to Purdue Fort Wayne, diversity, and a whole lot of fun!


The group will be led by Purdue Fort Wayne staff members, student upperclassmen, and guest speakers (including the Indiana National Guard, our event partner).


If you need to be absent from classes to attend the event, you will need to get approval from your professors.


Questions? Email Alison Rynearson, Associate Director of Student Life and Leadership, at or call at 260-481-6092. Or stop by her office in Walb 210.


Sign-ups are available October 1 through October 15, or whenever the participant limit is reached.

Campers 1-50 will be able to attend the leadership retreat. Once the student limit is reached, a wait list will be available online. (IF you are waitlisted, you will be contacted if you are moved from the waitlist to the camper list. If you are still wait-listed on the day of the event, be ready to go at the pick-up site in case of any last minute no-shows!)


Need to cancel your spot, email Alison at so another student can get in on the fun!

Email Alison Rynearson, Associate Director for Student Life and Leadership, at, 

or stop by Walb 210 with questions!


Click here to apply to be a camp leader!

Apply by Sept. 28.


Faces of the Retreat



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"An awesome and memorable experience!" ~2016 Freshmen Camp student

"I loved this camp!" ~2016 Freshmen Camp student

"I feel like there are so many things I now want to get involved with and ...having these new connections will give me the confidence to do them." ~2016 Freshmen Camp student

"I am able to do things tha tI never imagined myself doing." ~ 2016 Freshmen Camp student

Quantitative Data:

* 100% of participants strongly agreed or agreed that they formed a deeper connection to their peers through Freshmen Leadership Camp.

* 100% of participants strongly agreed or agreed that they have an increased awareness of self after Freshmen Leadership Camp.

* 100% of participants strongly agreed or agreed that they made new friends at Freshmen Leadership Camp.
* 100% of participants strongly agreed or agreed that Freshmen Leadership Camp was a good use of their time.