Student Success and Transitions

Transfer Credit to IPFW

There are multiple ways to transfer credit to IPFW. You may transfer an unlimited number of college credits to IPFW but not all earned transfer credit may apply towards your degree program. If you are currently attending IPFW, you should contact your academic advisor with questions about how you can apply transfer credit towards your current degree program. If you are a pre-transfer student or still attending high school, you can email for more information about how transfer credit can apply towards your future degree program.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

Student Success and Transitions will evaluate your official college transcripts upon your Admission to IPFW. Below is the guidelines we follow to evaluate transfer credit:

  1. Transfer credit is course credit represented on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution
  2. IPFW's academic departments determine the equivalency to IPFW courses based on comparable learning outcomes
  3. Only those courses for which you receive a C- or higher will be considered for transfer (not remedial or vocational)
  4. Only the credit transfers to IPFW, grades do not

College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP)

The AP program allows high school students to enroll in college-level courses and to test their proficiency by taking an exam. If you take AP courses and earn a high enough score on the official AP exam, you may be awarded credit. View the list of exams we accept and the minimum scores needed for credit.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a group of standardized tests that allow you to earn credit based on knowledge you've already acquired through experience or independent study. CLEP exams are available to both high school and college students. IPFW does not accept all CLEP exams, please click here to view a list of accepted exams and the minimum scores needed to earn credit. Current IPFW students should contact their academic advisor regarding CLEP exams and how they would fit within their academic program. Any student not yet admitted to IPFW should email IPFW Testing Services is a national testing center for CLEP, please click here for information about registration, CLEP fees, and test dates.

International Baccalaureate

If you participate in the IB Program , IPFW grants credit for Higher Level IB courses with a score of 4 of higher. To be considered for IB credit, please send an official copy of your IB transcripts to the IPFW Admissions office.

Special Credit for Military Service

You may receive college credit for active duty military service by submitting a copy of your DD214 or LES, if still active duty, to the IPFW Admissions office. Credit is not granted for military training programs. Credit is granted according to the length of active service.

Length of Service Amount of credit awarded
0-6 months No credit awarded
6-12 months 4 credit hours of military undistributed
12+ months 8 credit hours of military undistributed

Examination Programs through other Organizations

IPFW does not currently accept examinations from DANTES, DDST, UExcel Program offered by Excelsior College or National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL).