Student Success and Transitions

Transfer Advising Resources

It's quite likely that IPFW staff and faculty will cross paths with new transfer students. Here are some suggestions on how faculty and staff can help transfer students adjust to changes they are experiencing and get connected to campus. They include:

  • Feel comfortable asking your class if anyone is new to campus, providing an opportunity for students to self-identify as transfer students.
  • Don't assume all of your students or advisees are familiar with IPFW resources, systems, and acronyms (myBLUEprint, ETCS, the Common Scholarship).
  • Ask transfer students about their previous campus experience. Don't assume all students completed course prerequisites at IPFW or had similar resources available to them at their previous institutions.
  • Encourage new students to participate in IPFW activities, which can be found here.

Ivy Tech to IPFW Course Equivalencies

Click here to view courses that you can complete at Ivy Tech and will transfer to IPFW and fulfill General Education requirements. Please note the following: Transferability pending grade of C- or higher and programs such as, Education may require a grade of B- or higher in particular General Education courses. Degree programs may require a specific General Education course to fulfill degree requirements, consult the Bulletin for current degree requirements.Degree requirements may change between now and the Admission of a transfer student to IPFW. List is subject to change and pre-transfer students should not attempt to self advise from the list. Questions should be directed to

Course Descriptions from Other Institutions

Email if you are needing a course description from another institution to determine course equivalency or grant an exception for a student. If you are consistently granting exceptions for the same transfer course, use the credit transfer form to permanently update the course equivalency. The form is located under the Advisor tab of your account.