Student Success and Transitions

Visual & Performing Arts Pathway

Students within the Visual and Performing Arts Pathway seek to understand the non-verbal language of art, are creative, and wish to express themselves using a myriad of methods: visually, vocally, with an instrument, and using design techniques/methods. Most within this pathway appreciate and value art and artistic expression and wish to become familiar or more familiar with the major achievements in the history of art, including the works and intentions of leading artists past and present. Those within this pathway value an environment that encourages free and open inquiry, diversity, the cultivation of creativity and artistic collaboration.

Possible Majors:

Fine Arts, Music Performance, Music Technology, Music Therapy, Theatre (Acting, Directing, and Design Technology), Graphic Design, Imaging and Photography, Modeling and Animation and Interior Design

Possible Careers:

Actor, Advertising Executive, Artist, Animator, Antiques Dealer, Architectural Conservation, Art Administrator, Art Advisor, Art Investment, Art Librarian, Art Preservationist/Historian, Art Writer/Critic/Journalist, Artist Representative, Curator, DJ, Dancer/Choreographer, Editor, Estate Appraiser, Fabric Designer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Marketing/Public Relation Specialist, Musician, Conductor, Music Technician, Musical Instrument Repairer, Package & Display Designer, Photographer, Art Restorer, Web Designer, Residential/Commercial Interior Designer, Lighting Design and Consulting, Consultations and Sales, Architectural Firm Interior Design, Computer Modeling and Animation, Color Specialty Consultation, Document Drafting and Detailing, Booking Agent, Broadcast Technical Director, Choral Director, Coach/Accompanist, Composer, Concert Musician, Concert Promoter, Costume Designer, Multimedia Consultant, Music Historian, Music Therapist, Promotion Manager, Producer, Set/Stage Designer, Sound Technician, Talent Agent, Theater Manager, Theater Producer, Tour Coordinator.