Student Success and Transitions

Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences Pathway

The humanities and social sciences are academic disciplines that examine human culture and society, as well as relationships among individuals. The humanities are those disciplines that focus on human belief systems, human culture and art, societies, relationships, and in the ways in which humans express themselves and create meaning. The social sciences investigate and analyze human nature and behavior, including human social structures and governments as well as how humans communicate with each other within these social structures. This broad pathway is concerned with understanding human institutions, how the mind works, and how we interact with one another. Students in this pathway are caring, compassionate, able to improvise, and often choose helping professions. Others within this pathway are curious about the world and its people, cultures, societies, relationships, language, and belief systems. Still others are interested in how we construct governing bodies, how the mind works, how we interact in society, and how we express ourselves and create meaning. Some skills and attributes related to majors and careers in this pathway include the following: global awareness, communication, critical thinking and reasoning skills, empathy, compassion, a desire to learn new concepts and theories, and open-mindedness. Students who choose majors in this pathway are often interested in how many different disciplines work together to help paint a broad picture of the world in which we live, and they use this broad understanding of the world in order to solve problems, analyze situations, data, and texts, and communicate clearly within the global marketplace. 

Related Majors:

Anthropology, Communication, Economics, English and Linguistics, History, Human Services, International Languages and Culture Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies

Related Careers:

Film Producer, Civil Rights Advocate, Translator, Cultural Attaché, Journalist, Ambassador, Foreign Affairs Liaison, Diplomat, Novelist, Addiction Specialist, Agency Director, Bereavement Counselor, Caseworker/Case Manager, City Planner, Child Abuse Investigator, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Coordinator, Civic Reform Worker, Community Organizer, Community Relations Director, Crisis Intervention Counselor, Delinquency Intervention Counselor, Detention Care Worker, Domestic Violence Counselor, Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Employee, Elder Care Specialist, Employment Service Coordinator, Family Counselor, Family Therapist, Federal Program Administrator, Foreign Service Officer, Foster Home Developer, Geriatric Care Manager/Specialist, Gerontologist, Guidance Counselor, HIV Counselor, Hospice Social Worker, Human Rights Spokesperson, Mental Health Tech/Aide, Parole Officer, Probation Officer, Public Assistance Worker, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Recreation Director, Rehabilitation Director, Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, Supported Living Coordinator, Victim Advocate Specialist, Youth Services Worker, Copywriter, Corrections Officer, Customs/Immigration Officer, Market Research Analyst, Marketing/Sales Manager, Media Buyer, Media Planner, Public Opinion Surveyor, Public Relations, Sales Representative, Technical Writer, Political Campaign Staffer, Congressional Aide, Congressional Research, Environmental Policy Analyst, Historic Preservationist, International Trade Specialist, Law Enforcement Officer, Legal Assistant, Legislative Assistant, Lobbyist, Paralegal, Peace Corps/Vista Worker, Political Pollster, Politician, Real Estate Agent/Broker, Reporter, Archivist, Museum Curator, Librarian, Adoption Agent, Union Organizer

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