Student Success and Transitions

Business & Leadership Pathway

Students who choose the Business and Leadership Pathway have an interest in solving problems, inspiring others, social justice, and/or engaging in the community. Many who choose this pathway would describe themselves as goal-orientated, innovative, organized, strategic and motivated. Those in Business and Leadership are thoughtful decision makers and may consider themselves to be “balanced people” or have “balanced interests,” meaning they have varied skills and abilities. For example, someone in this pathway may like working with people in a management, business or political environment, but not in a profession akin to social work or nursing.  Some skills related to majors and careers in this pathway: problem solving, global awareness, communication, ethical reasoning skills, commitment, integrity, courage, straightforwardness, and imagination.

Related Majors:

Business (Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance and Economics), Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Public Affairs (Criminal Justice, Public Policy, Health Services Administration and Environmental Policy) and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Related Careers:

Accountant,  Account Executive, Administrator, Bank Manager, Benefits Manager, Branch Manager-Any Industry, Budget Officer, Commodity - Industry Analyst, Communications Officer, Compensation Manager, Computer Operations Supervisor, Construction Supervisor, Consultant, Credit Analyst, Credit and Collections Manager, Employment Counselor, Entertainment Agent, Financial Analyst, Foreign-Exchange Trader, Government Services, Health Services/Hospital Administrator, Hotel Manager, Human Resource Manager, Industrial Relations Director, Information Systems Manager, Insurance Agent, International Business Manager, Job Analyst, Labor Relations Manager, Loan Officer, Management Analyst, Management Trainee, Manufacturing Supervisor, Market Information Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Mortgage Loan Officer, Occupational Analyst, Operations Manager, Outside Property Agent, Payroll Officer, Personnel Manager, Personnel Recruiter, Promotions Manager, Provisioning Manager, Public Utilities Manager, Purchasing Agent, Quality Control Auditor, Real Estate Agent/Broker, Recreation Manager, Reports Analyst, Restaurant/Food Service Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Securities Trader, Service Organization Manager, Stock Broker, Telecommunications System Coordinator, Training Manager, Transportation Director, Travel Agent, Trust Administrator, Voice/Data Service Operations Manager, Sales Representative

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