Special Events

Auer Technical Specifications

Auer Hall is designed to host ensemble, chamber and solo performances as well as lectures, symposiums and dance performances.

Stage Dimensions

  • Stage Width (front of stage): 65’ 7”
  • Stage Width (back wall): 45’ 6”
  • Stage depth (front edge to back wall): 39’ 4”
  • Grid Height: 37’ above stage level.
  • There are no motor hangs or load points in the grid.
  • Wing Space – There is a 7’ wide hallway surrounding the stage on 3 sides.
  • The front edge of the stage is curved.
  • The ceiling is covered in permanently mounted, suspended acoustic “clouds.”


The main auditorium has 1502 fixed seats with 12 wheelchair accessible handicap spaces. Overflow wheelchair seating is available in the house galleries. The hall is divided into three sloping tiers. There is no balcony “overhang” for audio purposes.

  • Floor Seating: 391
  • Mezzanine Seating: 598
  • Balcony Seating: 513

Dressing Rooms

There are 2 star dressing rooms with private bathrooms and 2 semi-private company dressing rooms that can accommodate 10-12 people each. A video feed from FOH is available in all dressing rooms. Shower facilities available in the star dressing rooms. All dressing rooms have power outlets to accommodate hair, makeup and wardrobe.


The green room is located backstage in the SR wing. It is furnished with couches and a dining room type table and chairs. It is internet and phone capable. A video feed from FOH is available in the green room.

Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit has a removable pit filler which can be disconnected with advance notice. Manual labor is required to change the pit configuration. The stage depth with the pit removed is approximately 29’. The orchestra pit can seat up to 56 audience members.


Choral Balcony

The choral balcony has two tiers. The first tier is 9’ 6” above stage level and has bench seating. The 2nd tier is 12’ above stage level and is open for choirs to stand or chairs can be added. The choral balcony is ADA accessible.

Power Available

There is a 100 Amp 3ph power drop available in the HL grid and a 50A 3phase power drop available USL. No Shore power available for trucks or buses. Each loading dock has a 20 amp circuit available.

Loading Dock

There are two loading docks available. One is directly backstage, the other leads to the dressing room area with easy access to the backstage area. There is no hydraulic lift available on the premises. It is a flat push from the loading docks to the backstage or stage areas. There is a permanent ramp from the stage to the FOH mix position.

Pass Thrus

There are pass thrus available for audio, video, lighting and power snakes from back stage to onstage, to the audio and lighting booths and from Auer Hall to the Rhinehart Recital Hall and the Recording Studio.


The house right wall is floor to ceiling windows (from the 2nd level of the auditorium). These windows have motorized blinds that block out the sunlight.

Camera Locations

There are 10 camera locations distributed throughout the hall with video ties in to the control booth. Plot available here.


Lighting Specifications

Dimming and Circuits

  • Jands Vista S3/2048
  • CEM+ Control Module Sensor and Series
  • ETC D20 2.4kW dimmers


  • Jands Vista S3/2048
  • Intel Pentium Processor
  • A wireless RFU is available.


There are 3 catwalks over the house with 2 hanging positions on each catwalk. There are three double-sided catwalks over the stage. There are FOH Box Boom positions on each side of the stage (downstage). There are dimmable circuits also available on stage, backstage and in the choral balcony. We have 4 universes of DMX.


  • 8" Colortran Fresnels: 12
  • ETC Source Four Pars 750 w (currently equipped with wide flood lens and 575w lamps): 116
  • ETC Source Four 5 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 8
  • ETC Source Four 10 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 14
  • ETC Source Four 19 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 12
  • ETC Source Four 26 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 6
  • ETC Source Four 36 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 24
  • ETC Source Four 50 Degree Ellipsoidal 750w: 6
  • All dimmable stage lighting circuits have 3 pin stage connections.
  • Some hang positions are not ideal for larger or intelligent type fixtures.


  • Lycian 1293 X3K (3kW Xenon) (2)


Audio Specifications

FOH Loudspeakers

  • Electro Voice XLC Line Array
  • 16 x XLCi127+ Bi-Amped LF/MF+HF
  • 2 x XLCi118 Subwoofers

Stage Fill

  • 96 x Aurora  NS3-193-8A

Balcony Fill

  • 4 x Renkus-Heinz TRX121T/9

FOH Management System

  • 1 x BSS London BLU-80 Inputs
  • 1 x BSS London BLU-80 Outputs
  • 1 x BSS London BLU-32 Secondary Outputs
  • Management via Harman London Architect Software

FOH Amplification

  • Crown CTs Series
  • 3 x CTs1200 MF/HF
  • 3 x CTs2000 LF
  • 1 x CTs2000 Subs

FOH Console

  • 1 x Allen & Heath dLive S5000

FOH Processing/Effects

  • 2 x DBX 1231 Dual Channel 1/3 Octave EQ
  • 2 x DBX 1215 Dual Channel 2/3 Octave EQ
  • 2 x DBX 266XL Dual Channel Compressor/Gate
  • 1 x TC Electronic M-One XL Effects Processor

Monitor System

  • 4 x EAW SM129zi
  • 2 x EAW SM159zi
  • Monitor Console Allen & Heath dLive S3000

Monitor Management

  • 1 x BSS London BLU-80 (Shared with FOH Mains)

Monitor Amplification

  • 2 x Crown CTs4200 (8 independent Mon Channels)

Line System

  • 4 x Whirlwind 12 channel Multi-Pin XLR Input Satellite Boxes
  • 1 x 48 Channel ¼” Long-Frame (Mil-Spec) Patchbay
  • 1 x 24 Channel Whirlwind ISO Split For Recording/Monitors


Wireless System

  • 8 x Shure QLX-D Receivers w/ Combo SM58 and Bodypack Transmitters
  • 2 x Countryman E6 Head-worn Microphones
  • 4 x Countryman B3 Lavaliere Microphones

Wired Microphones

  • 1 x AKG D112 – Dynamic Low Instrument Mic
  • 2 x Audio Technica U835R – Cardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone
  • 1 x Audix i5 – Dynamic Instrument Mic
  • 1 x Audix OM2 – Dynamic Cardioid Mic
  • 1 x Audix SCX25-A – Piano Mic System
  • 1 x Blue Microphone’s Encore 300 – Vocal Condenser Mic
  • 4 x Crown PCC160 – Half-Cardioid Condenser Floor Mic
  • 1 x Rode Broadcaster – Broadcast Vocal Mic
  • 1 x Rode NT5 MP – Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic – Matched Pair
  • 1 x Royer SF-24 – Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone
  • 2 x Sennheiser MD421-II – Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Mic
  • 2 x Shure BETA27 – Hyper-Cardioid Condenser Mic
  • 2 x Shure BETA57 – Dynamic Instrument Mic
  • 1 x Shure BETA87A – Hyper-Cardioid Vocal Condenser
  • 1 x Shure KSM44 – Multi-pattern Studio Condenser
  • 5 x Shure SM57 – Dynamic Instrument Mic
  • 13 x Shure SM58 – Dynamic Vocal Mic
  • 2 x Violet Design’s BlackFinger – Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Microphone Stands

  • 6 x Round Weight Straight Stands
  • 23 x Tripod Boom Stands
  • 1 x Kick Boom Stand
  • 4 x Tripod Studio Booms

Headset Intercom System

  • 20 stations of Telex (10 in the house, 1 at FOH mix position, 5 backstage, 2 in spot booth, and 2 in lighting booth.
  • 2 channel Main Station (A & B), 2 channel Remote station, single channel belt packs (8)


Video Equipment

Video projector: Sanyo PLC -XF 46 (1)

  • 1300:1 contrast ratio
  • 12,000 lumens

The projector is permanently mounted in the lighting booth. Motorized Roll down projection screen: Stewart 18’ x 24’ with 6’ black drape at top. Screen is front projection only. The screen is located CS approximately 2/3 of the way back from the front lip of the stage.


  • Grand Piano (7’ Kawai)
  • Podium
  • Easels
  • Tables (banquet and cocktail)
  • Chairs (plastic folding)
  • Stanchions with Velvet Ropes
  • Music Stands
  • Conductor’s Podium
  • Choral Risers
  • High Speed Internet available with advance notice.