Service Learning

Student Community Service Grants

Attention Students,

Are you interested in applying for a grant to support your student-led service engagement or service learning project? Check out this grant from Indiana Campus Compact.

For individual students or student organizations


Student Community Service (SCS) – for individual student or student group projects with the community, such as plunge experiences or national Days of Service events (ex: 9/11, MLK Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Earth Day).


SCS – $500 to $1,000 (institutional cash match of $125-$250); 


The 2014/2015 application due dates are as follows:August 11th, November 10th, February 9th, and May 11th.

For more information on these grants for student-led projects, please visit the Indiana Campus Compact website.

If interested in applying for a grant, please contact us at for assistance or information.