Service Learning

Course Criteria

Instructors who wish to have their courses considered to be a service learning course need to address the following 4 criteria. Please be brief, but clear; provide enough detail so that it is clear the use of service learning in your course meets these criteria*.

  1. Students engage in useful service to individuals, organizations, schools, or other entities in the community, and the service activities relate to the subject matter of the course.
  2. The methods by which students' service activities are evaluated are made clear to them, as well as who will conduct the evaluations.
  3. Guidance is provided to assist students in connecting their learning in the course with their service activities.
  4. Evaluation of the student's service is based on evidence of learning course material through reflection, not for completion of the service activities alone.

To identify your course as a service learning course in the schedule of classes, determine who within your department submits information for the schedule of classes (chair, secretary, etc.). When providing course information, ask them to include the following in the text field "This course includes a service learning component."

*Based on to the "National Principles of Good Practice in Community Service Learning"