Campus Credentials and Transportation

Department Copy Cards

Department Copy Cards are issued to departments for use at any of the University Copy Machines.  

The first 5 copy cards issued per cost center are free of charge.  Each additional card (over 5) per cost center would cost the department $20.00 per additional card.

Departments are responsible for keeping track of who has been issued what card.  Cards are issued to the department, not to individual Staff or Faculty members.

If a department card is lost or stolen, the cost to replace the card and cancel the old card is $20.00.

A limited number of card numbers are available, so if a card is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced by ordering a new card.  We must issue a replacement card so that the old card is cancelled.

If a card fails to function correctly, it will be replaced free of charge unless it shows signs of abuse.

For questions, or to request new or replacement cards, please send an email to 

If you are requesting new or replacement cards, please include the following information.  Number of cards, Department name, fund, cost center, and let us know if the card is lost/stolen, or you simply need additional cards.