Military Withdrawal

Purdue University Fort Wayne realizes students who are members of the National Guard or Military Reserves may be called to active duty. The following information is provided in order to minimize disruptions and inconveniences for students fulfilling their military responsibilities.

Any student called to active duty may withdraw from all courses and receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees. This may occur anytime during the semester through the end of final examinations.

During the 100% refund period for each course, courses may be dropped by the student via goPFW or by completing a drop/add form and submitting the form to the Enrollment Service Center in Kettler Hall. 

Following the 100% refund period for any course, a student may request to be withdrawn from courses by submitting a withdraw form via goPFW  located in the Registration Tools channel on the Enrollment tab. The student follows the course withdraw procedures required by the Center for Student Success and Transitions.

After completing the online withdraw form, the student should provide a copy of the military orders to the Registrar's office. The military orders may be delivered to the Registrar's office in person, through the mail, or via fax 260-481-6110.  Military students who withdraw from courses due to deployment must also provide a copy of the orders to the office of Military Student Services (MSS) and complete the class drop form for certification of enrollment credit hours in the MSS office.  Students should be advised that the VA will require repayment of all fees paid for the withdrawn classes, as well as basic allowance for housing and book stipend.  The VA will reinstitute the months of eligibility for GI Bill benefits that would have been expended for the withdrawn classes.

For withdrawals submitted after the 100% refund period for a course, the grade of "W" will be assigned and will appear on the official transcript.

Alternatively, with the permission of the instructor, a student may receive an incomplete or a final grade in a course. If this is the circumstance, no refund will be given for that course.

For questions about this process, the student should call the Military Student Services Office at 260-481-0517.  MSS office staff is happy to discuss a student’s particular situation.