Degree Map and Free Course Guarantee Policy

In 2013, the Indiana General Assembly passed House Enrolled Act 1348-2013 (HEA 1348-2013) which established a requirement that public institutions provide a degree map to all new first-time full-time associate and bachelor degree seeking students enrolling in the Fall semester of 2014 or later. The act also provides a course-scheduling guarantee to these students; if a course on a student's degree map for a particular semester is not offered or is full, the institution must provide the course for free in a future semester unless the institution provides a revised degree map.

Degree Map

Purdue University Fort Wayne will provide a "standard" degree map to all new first-time full-time associate and bachelor degree seeking students who attend new student orientation or attend an initial advising meeting prior to enrollment of the first semester. Either during or immediately following the first semester of enrollment, each eligible student will be provided access to a "customized" degree map which will include completed dual credit and/or accepted advanced placement work.

Students who have selected a major will be provided a full map complete with specific courses. Students who have not selected a major will be provided a map with the first 30 credit hours based on the general education core, and these students will receive a full map when a major is declared at or before the completion of the 30 credits.

Free Course Guarantee

HEA 1348-2013 also contains a provision which requires institution to provide (at no cost to the student) any course on a student's degree map in which the student cannot enroll (because it is full, offered only at the same time as another mapped class, or is simply not offered). The free course guarantee only applies to students who have complied with their degree map. If a course is not available, Purdue Fort Wayne will either provide a new degree map which does not delay graduation or provide the course free of charge to the student the next available semester.

To qualify for the "free course guarantee" the student must have:

  • Followed his or her degree map in each prior semester. The student must have successfully completed the prescribed courses or satisfied the prescribed electives in the semester mapped.
  • Been unable to register for the course during "priority registration" (students waiting to register after the priority registration period will not be eligible for the free course guarantee).
  • Not received a revised degree map that maps the unavailable course in a future semester without altering the graduation date.
  • Been within 150 percent of the standard time (six years for a bachelor's degree or three years for an associate degree) to complete the degree.

Any student who believes he or she qualifies for the "free course guarantee" should meet with his or her academic advisor during priority registration to proactively reach a solution which would allow for on-time completion.