Schedule Production


Glossary of Terms


A course that must be taken prior to, or sometimes concurrently with, enrollment in another course. Course pre-requisites can be found on SCAPREQ and section pre-requisites can be found on SSAPREQ.


Courses or sections that must be taken together during the same semester (i.e. Learning Communities). Course co-requisites can be found on SCADETL and section co-requisites can be found on SSADETL.


A Banner function that can monitor enrollment in one or more sections that meet on the same day and time, in the same room, with the same instructor. Cross-listing can also be used if an instructor wants multiple sections to appear together in WebCT. The cross-list code appears on SSASECT for each cross-listed section and additional information can be found on SSAXLST or SSAXMTI.


In the online public Schedule of Classes, a section can appear under multiple subject headings. This is most often used for Gerontology, International Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and Women's Studies, but can be used for other departmental needs. Note: Cross-referenced courses do not appear within goPFW in the "Class Search" or "Look-Up Classes to Add" functions.

Section Suffix

A letter that appears after the section number (i.e. 01N, 02I, 03U) to assist with identifying special locations or instructional methods. Section suffixes are most commonly used by Continuing Studies, but are also used for institutional reporting, and by students when searching for sections. A full list of section suffixes is available here.

Campus Codes

A designator that identifies various on-campus, off-campus and distance learning offerings so that the Bursar can accurately bill registered students and appropriate money to the correct university funds. Campus codes appear on SSASECT.

Primary Instructor

One instructor for each section is identified as the primary instructor in Banner on SSASECT. The primary instructor is identified in the Schedule of Classes, indicated as the primary instructor on student's class schedules, and is the only instructor that can input final grades.

Schedule Types

A code on SSASECT that identifies the type of instruction that will be used for a section. Typical schedule types are lecture (LEC), lab (LAB), studio (SD), independent study (IS), clinical (HSC), distance education (DIS), internship/practicum (IN), experiential (EXP), industrial practice co-op (IP), applied music (AM), and recitation (REC).