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Direct Invoice Voucher (DIV)

Effective July 1, 2018, the paper DIV form is no longer accepted

ZV60 email notification - used to make payments to individuals or companies when a purchase order has NOT been issued.  Information must include the following along with backup documentation, i.e. invoice, W-9, Payee Certification, or Substitute W-9, etc. attached to the email notification: 



Text on Remittance Advice

Held Check, if yes include Name and Location of where check should be sent

Business Purpose

Authorized Signer (print name here)

Invoices related to a purchase order should reference the purchase order number on the invoice and be forwarded to Purdue University Fort Wayne Accounts Payable noting the purchase order involved.  If the items have arrived or services completed and not already done, follow the Receiving in Ariba steps under the Ariba Handouts tab.

Click link for the following payable forms.

Payee Certification

Form to be used for payment to individuals, partnerships, and sole proprietors. Attach to ZV60 when routing personal payment.

Substitute W-9

A Substitute W-9 is required for payments to an individual when a new vendor or vendor change is necessary. It is not used for an individual who should be paid through payroll. The form serves as documentation that an individual is entitled to receive a payment.  Attach to ZV60 when routing for payment.