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Print Services

As of July 1, 2021, Purdue Fort Wayne’s sole provider for printed materials including business cards, stationary, digital print, offset and wide format print is Xerox. All orders for print requests must be submitted in Ariba via the Xerox punchout catalog.

Xerox Customer Service

Email:  purdueprintdigital@xerox.com

Phone:  765-494-2006

Questions related to BULK MAILING should be directed to Mail Services, mailsrv@pfw.edu or by contacting Marcus Tulley at tulleym@pfw.edu.

Xerox Print Request Options

Submitting print requests through the Xerox catalog in Ariba is a two-step process. The Ariba Requester must punchout to the Xerox catalog to create the print job then return the cart to Ariba to finalize and submit so a PO is issued. Completing all the necessary steps will ensure Xerox receives your print request to fill the order.

There are 3 print request options:

  1. Access the Xerox punch out catalog in Ariba – print job created by Ariba Requester with cart returned to Ariba, PR must be submitted for PO to be issued
  2. Submit a Printing Quote Request – cart created by Xerox for Ariba Requester to access via Xerox catalog
  3. Email request details to PurduePrintDigital@xerox.com – cart created by Xerox for Ariba Requester to access via Xerox catalog

Once Xerox has confirmed a print request by options 2 and 3, a catalog order needs to be generated by the Ariba Requester. Follow these steps:

  • Access the Xerox catalog in Ariba
  • Select “Buy from Supplier”
  • Select “All Orders Placed” or “View Order History”
  • Select “Modify” (for the job you want to submit)
  • Once the cart is open, select “Place Order” (bottom of page)
  • The price will appear, select “OK”
  • Select “Return Cart to Ariba”
  • Select “Proceed to Check Out”
  • Complete Ariba information (Title, Need by date*, and costing) and submit so that the PR is approved and a PO is created

* When routing a Xerox print request, the need-by date in Ariba must match the ship date selected in the Xerox catalog.