Printing Services


Bindery Information

Coil Binding

Coil binding is a continuous loop that goes along the edge of the paper. This holds the book together. Pages can be added or changed later, but not recommended. Comes in 11” lengths and in black our standard color. We can if needed for your job , order colors if you would like.


Collating is sometimes needed after the job has been finished. It is the process of arranging pages into sequence after printing. It is most done by machine with a few exceptions.


Also a function of bindery, there is a maximum sheet width of 28 inches. We cannot cut plastic, metal or staples.


Yet another finishing procedure done in bindery. We drill 3 hole or 2 hole on the side or top of the page.


Many folds are available including the: half fold, letter fold, accordian fold, right angle fold, half and half fold, and the double parallel fold. Other unique folds can be arranged by request.


Letters, cards, or brochures can be inserted into envelopes and placed in the mail for you. Please provide a sample of how you would like the files inserted into the envelope when requesting this in your order.


A finishing procedure done in bindery. Used often for information that is handled frequently or for items that may be exposed to moisture or a hostile environments. Printing Services can laminate up to 34” wide. We cannot laminate anything thicker than card stock nor can we successfully laminate layers of paper together. We can not be responsible for any outside work brought in for us to laminate. If something is harmed during our lamination we will not be liable for any cost of items not printed in our department.


A procedure to hold books or note pads together. The standard number Of sheets are 25, 50 20# paper. There are other items to be padded such as two part or three part NCR forms as an example of an individual set.


Jobs that require tear-offs or coupons. On your mailing brochures with a mail panel return coming back to your department as an example.

Saddle Stitching

Another popular method of binding is the saddle stitch booklet. This method produces booklets that fold in half with the stitches on the fold. This binding is practical for booklets, programs and reports.


Scoring is needed before the job is folded. Items that are produced on cover weighted stock or on our production color machine get scored.

Spiral Bind

Most binding departments call these combs/spiral combs. These come also in 11” lengths and our standard color is black. These will fit books in the range of 1 1/2” to 2” in thickness.